School is over... sort of. You finished your undergraduate degree. It is time for a new job, or maybe a bit more school. It's now time for a more professional car, since your old one still smells like pizzas after four years of being a delivery driver. 

What should you shop? Here are five suggestions for your newfound respectability:

Honda Accord

You don't stand out from the crowd. You are a single fish in a massive school. You want the right car for the right amount of money. For you, it will almost always be the Honda Accord. If you want economy, there is a four-cylinder. If you need a bit more power, go for the V-6. This is the sort of car you buy with your brain, which you definitely have since you made it this far. 


Nissan Maxima

If you think: "Screw the Accord! I want something with a bit of hair on its chest," then maybe the Maxima is more your style. Take all that comfort and practicality from the Accord and bolt it to the 3.5-liter VQ series V-6 that also made its home in the 350Z and you get a torque-steering rocket sedan. You'll never be late again. 


Lexus ES 330

If you're in one of those majors that requires a bit of grad school, chances are you could be a bit of a boring person. You love being comfortable, and you need dependability, but you never drive like a hooligan. For you, a Lexus will do just fine. They are exceptionally solid, comfortable, and...boring. 


BMW 3-Series

Make the impression, and have fun while doing it. Sure, finding one in the affordable range might be a bit of a problem, but it will be worth it. This is a driver's car dressed in a business suit. Pull up for an interview in one of these and you will definitely leave a good impression. Just make sure you avoid the four-cylinder versions at all costs. The straight six is more than worth it.