The Three Most Annoying Car "Bongs"

No, I don't mean that kind of bong. What I mean is all the irritating dings, bings, buzzes and other sounds your car makes to alert you about something really obvious. These sounds play when you open doors, leave lights on, turn the key, and almost every other action you have to do whenever you drive a car. I got so sick of the buzz my Miata makes that I disconnected the wiring harness that activates it. 

Some dings are more annoying than others. 

Ford Explorer

There wasn't anything particularly annoying about the sounds this car would make when you insert the keys, but it has an alarm for one of the most absurd circumstances I've ever come across. These things will ding and ding at you to buckle up when you are in park. The car is on, but it isn't in gear or even moving, but it still insists you put your seatbelt on and it will not shut up until you do. That makes this innocent and safe little ding number three on the list.

Almost Any GM From the '00s

Suburban, Impala, CTS, Grand Am, G6... what to all of these have in common? They make the same tooth-grinding bong about everything imaginable. On some of them, you have to hit the lock button twice, because the first time all that happens is the car bongs at you. Don't ever open the door with the keys in the ignition in one of these cars, or you are guaranteed a headache. When Jeremy Clarkson tested the CTS-V a number of years ago, one of his main complaints was the constant bong-ing.

Hyundai Accent

The worst ding to ever come out of any car has to be the one that comes out of the Hyundai Accent from the late '90s/early '00s. It sounds like a cheap toy xylophone getting hit incessantly by a two-year-old. What it does is make the car sound as cheap and tinny as it looks and feels. Hyundai has made some great strides in the past few years, but the sound that the Accent made is a chalkboard-scraping reminder of their past. 

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