Those of us who love to drive often watch car scenes in movies and go, “Aw come on man, that’s straight bull, no way that car would do all that.” Still, they can be great fun to watch. Here are SCM’s five favorite car chase scenes. What are some of yours? Do they top these?

BTW, two of the following clips contain profane language. If you’re offended by cussin’, you might want to skip watching the “Bad Boys” clips.

In this first one, from “The Rock”, Nic Cage in a Ferrari F355 Spyder goes after Sean Connery in a Hummer. Predictably, extreme chaos and destruction ensue. Frankly though, if Ferrari made cars that durable…well…check it out for yourself. And don’t worry, no cable cars were harmed in the filming of this sequence.

In Bad Boys II, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence take on a fully loaded auto transporter in a Ferrari Maranello. There's some brilliant driving in this one, but  I don’t even want guess how much it cost to fix that dash after Lawrence…well, check it out.  (Explicit language in this one...)



Speaking of transporters, In “Transporter 3”, we’re treated to a chase scene which definitely requires us to suspend our disbelief. The Benz isn’t running an AMG package and it’s still dogging a well-driven A8 W12 like that? Yeah, we’re so sure. Amazing stunt driving in this one though, so we’ll give it a pass. (You'll have to watch it at YouTube; embeds have been blocked.)


OK, now in this last one, from Stallone’s racing film “Driven”, we have two guys presumably running like 190 miles per hour in Champ cars through the streets of Chicago—with no facial protection whatsoever? Yeah, right. Anybody who’s ever ridden a motorcycle without sunglasses can attest to how improbable this one is. Not to mention the fact it requires a full crew just to start one of these cars in the first place. Still though, the idea is pretty amazing—plus there’s that one moment at 1:52 in we simply can’t resist.



OK, here’s a bonus clip. This one isn’t a chase scene, but Will Smith’s character in “Bad Boys ” clearly feels the same way about his cars as many of us do. Word of advice though, if you out car jackin’ and see two brothers glidin' Porsche Turbo, you can best believe they won’t give it up without a fight. (Explicit language in this one...)