August has plenty going on in the car world, Just as the events in Monterey end, one of the premier automotive events in the World is still going on—Bonneville Speed Week. Plenty of people around the world come to the salt-flats of Utah to break some Southern California Timing Association (SCTA) records.

Suzuki is in a bit of a low point in its life here in the United States. Some dealerships are having difficulties trying to get stock in, and around 50 dealerships are going to either close or stop selling Suzukis all-together. So some good news is in order.

Suzuki teamed up with Motor Trend to build a Suzuki Kizashi for the event. The task isn’t as easy as it sounds thanks to using a front-wheel-drive chassis. The car is in no-way showroom stock, the engine has been heavily modified with things like methanol injection.

Racing in the SCTA “Blown Gas Coupe” category, the team Driver Sam Mitani managed to average 203.720 mph over two consecutive runs to beat the previous record, get into the 200 mph club and receive the coveted read hat. Later this week Suzuki will try to break a new record by swapping the turbocharged engine for a highly tuned naturally aspirated one.

Other interesting news coming out of Speed Week is the sight of a Ferrari Enzo built to run on the salt-flats. The car had previously received new doors to make it a targa, crashed at a road rally, and is now twin-turbocharged and modified to beat some records. Follow the link below to Daily Derbi’s blog for more info and pictures.

[Source: Suzuki, Daily Derbi]