Ah, supercars. Nothing like the insane speeds, throaty engine, and awesome dynamics to send shivers down your spine. Today, I feel like informing the public on one of the weirdest supercars ever built.

The GTbyCitroen was a concept car that has been made slightly famous in small fan bases. The car first appeared in the video game Gran Turismo 5: Prologue and was modeled by the game's producer, Polyphony Digital. In the game, the car features a fully electric drivetrain with 780 horsepower and one "drive" gear. But for a real car, Citroen stuffed a big burly V-8 engine into the back. This engine is fantastic. It roars and growls as much as any Mustang or Challenger. A wonderful piece of machinery.

Now as the group from Polyphony Digital were amping up for the making of Gran Turismo 5, they got a GTbyCitroen and floated it through the canals of Venice. Another stunt in 2008, showed a GTbyCitroen freely driven around the city of London. The car is a visual masterpiece, the curves, straight, robotic lines, and the amazingly futuristic interior are brilliant.

But, all good things must come to an end. The GTbyCitroen was made in 6 ultra-rare models, with Citroen halting major construction in June of 2010. It may be a strange Gallic car, but it could beat up on any Ford GT or Chevrolet Corvette. And that is the story of Citroen's fastest car, the GTbyCitroen.