Purists are cringing at the sight of their beloved sports car manufacturers building four-door executive sedans. Porsche and their Panamera, which is currently outselling the flagship 911, is proving that there is a big market for big spacious cars with sports car moves. Aston Martin has gotten into the game with their Rapide which does well to mimic their smaller and sportier coupes.

Lamborghini built the Estoque concept car around the same time that Aston Martin made the Rapide concept. While the Rapide has made it to production, the Estoque hasn’t…yet. Bloomberg is reporting that while Lamborghini hasn’t denied production possibilities yet, but they may seriously reconsider it because of the current market.

Bloomberg writes that sales of cars costing over $200,000 from Volkswagen’s AG division, which Lamborghini is part of, is down 18 percent and isn’t seeing a resurgence that other companies are experiencing. Now with a market full of cars like the Rapide, Panamera, and the Maserati Quattroporte, the Estoque concept looks like a good car to build alongside the Gallardo and Murcielago.

The article goes on to mention that the Panamera might conflict with the new Lamborghini four-door because of Volkswagen’s acquisition of Porsche. However, this could be a cost-effective way of producing the sedan if Volkswagen could do some platform sharing between Porsche and Lamborghini.

[Source: Bloomberg]