Victor Filipchenko penned this awesome update on the Lamborghini Countach, the Cnossus, as his thesis to gain entry to a Masters Design Course (Cnossus, also known in the Greek language as Knossos, is a massive maze of over a thousand interlocking rooms, situated on the island of Crete).  

Assisting the designer was the Portuguese designer Simoyshem Nelson. The concept was sponsored by Lamborghini. The side view reminds one of the Ford GT90 concept. The “puckered lips” front bumper is particularly striking, as are the rear taillamps. For production purposes, the miniscule engine cover would have to be enlarged, possibly remade so that the entire rear bodywork opened up, clamshell-style. The rear diffuser is garishly overlarge, and would be reduced in size by 80 percent for production. It also needs a tail spoiler, not for aerodynamic purposes, by just for looks. That would really tie it to the Countach. The front trunk lid opening could also be widened without destroying any of the design features. The mail-slot rear window is useless to see out of, so backup cameras and side lane avoidance radar would be a must-have option.

This is a must-have poster for any Italian sportscar enthusiast. This is what the Countach could have been.