Gone are the days when going green meant having to opt for a slower vehicle.  The 2010 Tesla Roadster is the first ever mass produced electric sports car.  The base model gets 248 horsepower, while the Roadster sport does 288 horsepower. 

It runs on a 375-volt AC induction air-cooled electric motor, which allows the car to do 0 to 60 mph in 3.9 seconds for the basic model.  The Roadster sport accelerates to the same speed in 3.7 seconds, and both versions go up to an electronically limited speed of 125 mph.

The electrically charged battery packs of the Tesla can last for up to 220 miles with a 3.5-hour charge.  Drivers can choose from four charging kits that can be used to convert their garage into a charging station.  These kits can cost from $600 - $3,000, and can also be plugged into any available charging socket. 

It is estimated the batteries will last up to 5 years, or 100, 000 miles.  Yes, there are still the problems of having to charge the batteries, but it is a lot easier than it used to be, and cars like this can now do more miles on a single charge than they could originally.

For a green car you will certainly not find the ride boring, it is just as fun to drive as your average sports car.  The handling is perfect due to the weight being more distributed towards the back of the vehicle. 

Of course the Tesla Roadster is stunning to look at, with the fine lines running across the carbon fiber body it has sort of a futuristic look.  However, reviewers say that the Tesla is difficult to get into and get out of, and that the seats are not very comfortable.

Although the interior is a step in the right direction from other sports cars, it is not by any means perfect.  It does look nice inside, but there are very few functions and the car has the basic features you would expect. 

With a manufacturers price of $109,000, like many sports cars the Tesla is a luxury. But praise must go to Tesla for making this vehicle both economically sound and fun to drive into the bargain.