Yes, you read that right. Hard to believe that a hybrid car meant to cruise at low speeds and save gas could actually be a race car. This is the new wave of cars that will surely change the face of automotive tuning in the near future and the Nissan Altima Hybrid Race Car is an early glimpse as to what is surely coming.

It all started when Nissan North America decided to build a forward thinking race car but for any hybrid to be able to produce a fair amount of horsepower the batteries would need to be upgraded. This is where Braille Battery came into the mix. They have been providing high tech carbon-fiber batteries to professional race teams from Le Mans and NASCAR for years--but how do they extract over 440 horsepower from a four-cylinder hybrid car.

First step is forced induction. Take a Vortech Electric Supercharger and mate it to the tiny 2.5-liter engine. Next, tune the car to run on E-85 gasoline. The result is 440 horsepower and a 12.9 second quarter mile time slip. The carbon-fiber battery runs the supercharger to give the car some needed boost. The best part is that Nissan Altima Hybrid nets 57 percent better fuel economy on the track than a non-hybrid Altima race car.

Since this car would be participating in track events around the country it had to walk the walk. The car is also modified with a Wilwood Big Brake kit, coilover suspension from BC and racing rims from Enkei that are wrapped in Yokohama Neova rubber. There are also lots of carbon-fiber parts and body pieces on the Nissan Altima. The paint is made by DuPont and called low VOC which is better for the environment than other paints on the market. The interior has been stripped and the driver has full safety gear including a roll-cage and Sparco racing seats. However, my favorite part of the car would be the green leaf exhaust tip--very eco-friendly.

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