Rumors abound on the web that the next Dodge Durango may wear the Magnum name that once graced the wagon version of the Dodge Charger/Chrysler 300C. Whatever it's called, we dug around the U.S. Patent and Trade Office website and found these images of the 2012 Dodge crossover.

The patent is for the design of the body of the vehicle itself--the broken lines in the images are not covered by the patent, and are subject to change, though the major lines and most of the details outside of the wheels are shown in solid lines. The patent document accompanying the images yields little other information except that it was filed April 2, 2009 and granted January 26, 2010, meaning that this vehicle has been in the works since before Chrysler's bankruptcy.

The Magnum name has been used on a number of vehicles through Dodge's history, once in the late-1970s as a re-bodied Charger for NASCAR competition, and in Brazil in the early 1980s as the name for the two-door version of the Dodge Dart. Moving the name to a crossover would be its first such use.

It is expected to make its retail debut in 2011 as a 2012 model with underpinnings  based on the next-gen Jeep Grand Cherokee, itself planned as a 2011 model. Power is expected to come from a similar set of engines as well, including the company's 3.6-liter Phoenix V-6 engine with an expected rating of 280 horsepower, and a 5.7-liter Hemi V-8 rated around 350 horsepower. An SRT8 version is possible for the Jeep model, and may find its way into the Magnum as well. A 3.0-liter turbodiesel may also be in the works.

We'll find out all the details closer to its unveiling next year.