They Drive a What?! Unlikely Rides of the Famous

You might not be surprised to find that Pierce Brosnan, Marc Antony, Janet Jackson and Ryan Seacrest drive an Aston Martin. Or that when Simon is done being teased by Ryan he gets into his megabuck Bugatti Veyron.


The fact that Samuel Jackson or Madonna can be seen in the ultra luxurious Maybach 57 is understandable.  Or that if Shaquille ONeal, Missy Elliot and 50 Cent all met for lunch the valet might get their Rolls Royce Phantoms confused is droll but not a shocker.


Of course if Shaquille was parked behind Fergie, they might head towards the wrong Hummer H2. Hey what else is Shaq going to fit in?


Did you say Mercedes? Works for Jim Carrey, Verne Troyer, and Paris Hilton. Only the last name on that list was expected.

Verne Troyers Mercedes CLK is custom, natch.


We can escalate with an Escalade. Tiger Woods recently had to bend his like Beckham, who also sports one. Jessica Simpson drives hers to Cowboy games, too.


Funny might be watching Allen Iverson, Kim Kardashian, Ice T and Nicole Ritchie all telling the confused attendant to fetch their Bentley.


Seals Ferrari? Ja Rule or Xzibits Lamborghinis? No big news flash there. Same goes for Matthew Perry, Mary Kate Olsen or Jerry Seinfeld in their Porsches. Andrew Bynum in a Nissan GTR makes sense for the seven foot baller, but the Giantkiller license plate is ironic.



But wait, whats this?  There are five Toyota Prius parked in front of the restaurant?

Must be the papparazi. Guess again. You may very well see Julia Roberts, Larry David,

Kirsten Dunst, Leonardo Decaprio, or America Ferrera getting in. Wow.

Whether it is for good PR or a sincere effort to save the planet, you have to be impressed when millonaires spend $25K on their daily drive.


How about those Ford Broncos across the street? Would you believe Jeremy Piven and Colin Farrell own them? That 1992 Ford Taurus SHO belongs to late night king Conan OBrien. Sheesh. Fast car for its day, but really, Conan? Maybe you can ask Jay Leno to borrow something from his overstuffed garage, I mean museum.


On the other hand, seeing John Goodman get out of a Ford 150 truck actually does kind of fit. As does Clint Eastwood and his GMC Typhoon, your basic work truck on steroids. Or even The Blind Side inspiration Michael Oher and his BMW 750.


For the offbeat side of things, we have Justin Timberlake in a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, supermodel Kate Moss in a vintage MG Midget III which actually weighs less with Kate in it, David Spades black 1987 Buick Grand National, and Sharon Stones 1972 Ford LTD convertible which she recently auctioned.  Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have a one off BMW Hydrogen 7 combining ecology and conspicuous consumption all in one.


The hands down winner though has to be George Clooney, who drives a two seat electric car, the bizarre and beguiling Tango 600.


Clearly, there is a man with nothing to prove.

Me, Ill call up Simon Cowell for a loaner.

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