In early August Ford rolled out the Mustang Customizer to promote the 2010 Mustang and to give anyone the opportunity to build and customize a fantasy 2010 Mustang with various options to their own liking.  Now comes word Ford is going full steam ahead with Ford Custom Graphics for the entire fleet of vehicles including the Mustang which will be sold exclusively through Ford dealers across the country.  So far all we know is the graphics are made out of Vinyl and are scratch-resistant, weatherproof and will retain the vehicles 3 year/36,000 mile warranty.  Ford has setup the Ford Mustang Graphics site but as of now it's just a homepage with the words coming soon.  This type of personalization is not new to the industry but has started to sweep across the automotive landscape as we saw at SEMA with Meguiars new Wraptivo product.  Custom Mustang graphics will give enthusiasts the opportunity to change the appearance of their Mustang with vinyl skins or wraps as they are called in a way that is not permanent or damaging.