2009 Aston Martin DBS Makes a Grand Entrance

Ever been rendered speechless? Like when the hottest girl in school says she likes you? Happened to me back in the 7th grade, no joke, hottest girl in school, an 8th grader, wanted to go with me. What did that consist of? Nothing, I think I spoke 3 words to her, danced with her at a school dance, was completely overwhelmed with confusing emotions, and then a week later, her friend called my house, and told me it was over. But the level of stoke that first evening...was immeasurable. That brings us to yesterday morning. I'm sitting at my kitchen table, knowing what is about to happen, but I was still giddy like a pre-schooler on Christmas morning. Then I hear it, the rumble, the power, the confused driver who can't find my house. I glance out the window and BAM! Aston Martin DBS rolling past my window. No joke, I jumped in the air with a double fist pump. Sounds retarded, but its true, I had to tell myself audibly to keep it cool. I had only been in 2 Aston Martins prior to yesterday. I had a boss a couple years ago who owned a DB9 for while, and then a few weeks back, I got to drive a Vantage Roadster at the MPG track day. I was about to put a 3rd notch on my Aston Martin score card.

I think the allure of an Aston Martin hit me, like many others, as a kid via James Bond. No matter what the model, or who the actor was that played Bond, James has always been cool, and a lot of that was created by his car. I never realized how much the image of cool affects our desires to drive a car. I have no stats to back my idea, but it is nearly an accepted fact that the vast majority of super car buyers, buy them not to actually utilize their capabilities, but to score with the ladies, to impress their neighbors or co-workers, basically just to be cool. Where am I going with this? Well, super-cars have to carry it all. They must be the Michael Jordan of cars, they have to be cool, they have to roll with swagger, and they have to perform at unreachable levels. Its what we expect, anything less and we get bored and move on.

Ok, back to the car. The first thing I noticed when I climbed in the seat, was the speedometer. I think legally a driver can only use about 5 % of the entire dial, but it does go up to 220 if the conditions would allow. Unfortunately, I wasn't be able to use much of the performance potential, but I definitely experienced the cars cool capabilities.

Starting the vehicle is special, the fob is more like a piece of jewelry than a key. As it slides into its slot, its something like a british superman crystal, bringing the world of Aston Matin to your fingertips as the V12 roars to life. I literally recorded the engine sound, so I can hear it again later this winter when I long for that throaty rumble. Not as intimidating as some super-cars, the DBS is actually surprisingly gentle in its embrace. But be warned, push it and it will bite. Before we went out on our shoot, I had about 45 minutes to burn...so with a $274,000 car in the driveway, and the key in my hand, what do you think I did? Exactly..... I was off.

Quickly turning off the music to hear the engine roar, I headed for the hills. Snugly wrapped in the DBS seats that look better than any seat should, I wound my way out of the city and into the hills above my house. Quietly rumbling down the road, with a joker smile on my face, I couldn't help but wish I had my dad with me, or my mom, or my brother, or my wife...or a friend, hell anyone...I really wanted to be sharing this experience, but that would have to wait, this one was all mine.

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