Aston Martin is hard at work figuring out just what to do with its Lagonda brand revival plans. The company confirmed plans last year to revive the marque for a new range of bespoke models, the first of which is set to appear in 2012, but exactly what market segments to enter is shaping up to be a difficult question for executives.

While there are only a few years left for Aston Martin to come up with a plan for Lagonda, we've already seen the first concept, which was unveiled back at March's Geneva Motor Show. The polarizing concept vehicle was based on a Mercedes Benz GL-Class SUV platform but that doesn’t mean Lagonda will be an SUV/crossover brand.

This puts some confusion on the whole issue, as the Lagonda concept seemed to reveal that the brand would be leaning towards an SUV-type of vehicle, however, mixed reactions from the public may have had something to do with a change in tack.

We now have some new images of the oddly-styled concept, revealing for the first time its interior. Strangely, the concept's designers have decided to add several cushions inside. Don't ask us why.