Through all the hardships and frustration of daily life sometimes things come along in our lives that make everything feel okay. Sometimes it is a close friend, sometimes it is an outfit that makes you appear better looking than you are and sometimes it is a car. A car? At least it is that way for me in my 2010 Acura TSX V-6 that I have on loan for a week.

I have desperately been trying to figure out something I would change about the styling, the interior or the way this car drives and I can't come up with anything. And I am horribly cynical. The engine is sonorous like an Italian concerto when revved but you never feel it buzzing through the steering wheel, pedals or dash. It is like a Lexus with a soul.

If I was Goldilocks and I happened to be shopping the Acura line-up, the TSX would definitely be "just right." The back seats in the TSX may be best left for two, but if you are the kind of person who needs to haul around five there is always the TL and RL. (There is no Big Bad Wolf at your local Acura dealer.) I personally would much rather keep the TSX's tidy styling and have a little less legroom. By the way, this has no impact on the size of the absolutely huge trunk which appears purpose built for shop-a-holics.

The Acura TSX V-6 comes with most every toy imaginable and I am already getting along just fine with the voice activation which appears to understand me better than the version in the 2006 TL that is my personal daily driver. The navigation, as has always been my experience in Acura products, knows where I am better than I do at all times.

The stereo comes with a system that can counteract the noise of the engine as it revs but I turned it off because I enjoy listening to the 280 horsepower 3.5 liter V6 sing. The Infiniti G37 may out-power it in raw figures but I prefer not to be able to feel the engine vibrating through the center console.

I have driven the TSX V-6 on the freeway, side streets and mall parking lots of south Orange County (Christmas shopping!) and it has been nothing less than a joy to drive. The only thing that I really can't stand? I have to give it back in five days.