The Bugatti Galibier: Is It Just A Porsche Panamera?

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Times they are a changing at the Volkswagen Group. And super exotic car manufacturer Bugatti stands as a member of that group, as much as its fancy digs at an old French Chateaux and upper crust owner list beg to differ. As you may or may not know Bugatti makes one of the fastest cars in the world, the Bugatti Veyron. And now it wants to make the fastest family sedan? What, for the man with the biggest midlife crisis? And isn't Porsche already covering this ground with the Panamera?

In a caviar and crumpets faux-pas heard around the world, all of the information and photos for the new sedan were leaked after an owner event to introduce the car. Unfortunately lightning has not stylistically struck Bugatti twice as this sedan has all the hopes of getting an invite to Fashion Week in NYC as Carrie PreJean. The interior is utterly devoid of style and looks a bit at this stage like it was put together with scotch tape. Are those gaps on purpose? The interior is so devoid of anything that it is near minimalist. I understand minimalism but we need some gauges here, guys. Maybe a radio!

Whereas the swooping lines and two-tone effect works really well on the coupe (lets not get started on that gawping fish-like grille, however), this might very well be the ugliest rich mans folly ever created. But if rumors hold true that it will be powered by the W16 engine from the coupe this means used car buyers can look forward to a used Galibier (does it have to sound arrogant and drunk?) with almost 1,000 horsepower at their local Porsche/Audi dealer next to the A4s. Maybe for the price of an A4.

But then whats this? Have we seen this rear end somewhere before? Oddly enough the rear of the Galibier looks exactly like the Panamera when viewed by anyone with normally functioning eyeballs. I realize that is not a gentlemanly thing to comment on the shape of a persons posterior but if J-Lo can get famous just on the power of her almighty booty then why not a car with an almighty boot?

But who designed the almighty boot first? Was it Porsche or Bugatti and is this just another derivative of cheap GM-style platform sharing? If I was spending over a million dollars for a Bugatti 4-door (in that other parallel universe where I am stupid) I would be livid if it shared one solitary part with that cheap $150,000 Panamera. I mean, really, touch something from a commoners car? (Oh wait, sorry. I was just channeling that idiot)

From a real world perspective, it is obvious that the money men at the VW Group are trying to get more life out of that extremely expensive W16-cylinder engine. It has more radiators and turbos than probably most all of the cars you have ever owned combined. So it cost a lot of money to engineer and Bugatti is looking to get that money back for VW. A noble concern in business terms but must the car pegged with doing it be so hideously and ferociously unattractive?

I know what Bugatti is trying to do! They must be in cahoots with Porsche trying to make the Panamera seem like a financial steal with runway quality good looks and the engineering toughness of a Sherman Tank. Mission accomplished Bugatti.
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