The Supercar Rennisance, I Think?

    I have been studying these cars for a few weeks now, although always intrigued and a fan. But in the past few weeks I have really taken a interest in these excessive vehicles. In this new green world that is upon us how is it there are more extreme cars than from what it seems ever? I have come up with a few ideas. First, the economy, wait don't scoff let me explain. This is a time where every penny we make has to be eyeballed like a hawk! We have almost no disposable money in our grasp. So we as human beings do what we always do, get through it with our hopes and dreams. The super car is a model for this process! When I get home from driving my ordinary piece of junk to and from my dull job I take some time to do things and look at things I can't possibly afford especially now or possibly ever. I look at a Bugatti Veyron, Gumpert or a koenisegg. Theses are colorful extreme cars that probably excite every sense we possess. I look at you tube videos and read articles written by people who drive these things and give their perspective on the unpractical rockets. I am most times shocked and awed by the prices of these things, some literally in the millions of dollars. I compare power and weight and why some cost more than others but seem to outperform their higher priced brethren. It intrigues me the awesome engineering these things possess especially because most of the time it is in a small run down hangar or two car garage. How mega car makers like GM or Ford struggles to build a car to match a car built by some guy named Jim in his basement somewhere in South Jersey. Ultimate Aero SSC 1100HP worlds fastest!!

    Second, We still need hobbies, even though we are as broke as wall street hedgers, we still need something to take our minds off our problems. Hobbies are a great thing, get one. Mine is computers and cars. I love the art of bringing a old clunker back to life and seeing it run as smoothly as some of the new models out ther, and I like to look at cars too. You see when I was younger and dumber, I found out I had a certain place in my heart for the things that go vroom. It was most likely my older brother who made me realize i had this gene in me. He loved his big obnoxious muscle cars, and I loved him so i did what he did. He spent every night working on them and I was right there by his side. I then became old enough started working in a car audio store and built cars that i would take to shows and met friends I still have to this day. Awesome people. But I digress, There is a need for a hobby in everyone's life mine is now fixing computers for people who can't afford a new one and giving them away, and studying automobiles. But why study ordinary cars I see every day and come in all imaginable color as long as you want silver, white or champagne ( if you don't believe be look around tomorrow), study the great ones both old and new, you will be surprised how much you will learn and how much cars have shaped the world we now live in. All in all hobbies keep you healthy.

   Bugatti Veyron, Sweet Car, do some research... And finally, If you look at the long enough and want one bad enough you may even get extra motivated to get one. What I mean by this is you may get a little push to get that promotion, or start that business you always wanted to, because face it you only strive to do things to improve your lifestyle, or you would be a manager and be just fine with making the same money as the janitor (this is an example, please if you are a janitor there was no ill intention other than a CEO tends to make more than a janitor, unless you are working at Microsoft, this will be another story) you want the monetary gain that comes with the responsibility gain. I remember the first real job I ever had, Among some small goals one of the main ones had is that I wanted to be able to buy a new ford expedition, I am a big fellow and i had driven one and it fit my frame perfect! I wanted one!! So that was my goal, I worked hard received promotions worked holidays and weekends, and eventually I got my Expedition, 2004 Eddie Bauer I put 10 grand down and financed the other 33k. I got all the bells and whistles, sensors DVD, TV's, big stereo, 24 wheels, lowering kit, supercharger kit, painted the bumpers body color, every imaginable thing, and I Loved It! All 8 MPG and obnoxious exhaust of her.In the end if you want it bad enough you can get it. Really you can.

my Expedition tricked.

     In summary All I am really saying is get a hobby study something, enlighten yourself, whatever that may be. It doesn't have to be cars, it can be anything. You will be surprised how intelligent you really are and how much passion you can have for something besides your wife. Open your eyes my friends because flying blind can be dangerous and the person telling you where to go may not be on your side.

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