A rebadged version of the old Morris Series II and III has been selling under the Hindustan Motors Ambassador name for 50 years. That makes it the oldest car still in production, and there are no plans to stop.

Despite the emergence of global brands such as Suzuki, Toyota, and Hyundai, the Ambassador is still the car preferred by Indian government for its ministers and diplomats. Out of the total production of 15,000 per year, the government accounts for around a quarter. The other big market is taxis, for which HM usually adds LPG or CNG fuel systems.

The rear axle from a 1949 Morris is still used for its excellent road-going abilities, especially in India where roads are often broken up and can easily damage cars. In fact, many International manufacturers were forced to change the axles in their global cars to cope with Indian roads. The Ambassadors, in the meantime still have a plush ride quality that can plough through any bumps in the road.

Hindustan Motors