Dutch sports carmaker Spyker Cars has announced that it made a profit for the 2006 financial year, the first time it has been in the black since the company was established back in the year 2000. The past twelve months has seen Spyker ramp up its involvement in Formula One with the purchase of the Midland F1 team, as well as developing several new models and concept cars including the D12 luxury crossover.

Spyker produced 94 cars in 2006, a substantial leap from the 48 units in 2005. Total production for next year is expected to rise significantly with company officials claiming they have 327 cars on order. This is no small feat considering that Spyker’s two-seater supercar sells for around €250,000. Total revenues for the year amounted to €36 million with a net profit of €800,000.

The next twelve months will see Spyker launch a production version of the D12 crossover in the US, as well as a possible takeover of Lotus' engineering division.

We just hope Spyker will continue to bring us their crazy creations like the C12 Zagato pictured above.