Chevrolet is expected to release a supercharged version of its Corvette Z06 later this year, featuring a force-fed 7.0L LS7 V8 developing upwards of 700hp. The latest buzz is that GM won’t limit this awesome powerplant to the Corvette but may shoehorn it into the chassis of a Cadillac CTS-V saloon for the 2009 model-year.

Don’t expect the full 700hp output. According to Motor Trend, the Caddy will run a detuned version with roughly 600hp on tap. This is still significantly higher than any of its rivals, including super-sedans like the 507hp BMW M5 and Mercedes E63.

In naturally aspirated form, the LS7 V8 already produces a substantial 505hp but the engine is said to be lacking enough low-end grunt to give that off-the-line shove. In addition to the new powerplant, engineers will also be adding uprated springs and shocks, larger Brembo brakes, a quicker steering ratio, widened fenders and a sports bodykit.