Already we've seen preproduction versions of Aptera's aerodynamic plug-in hybrid reviewed by several major publications, on TV and on movie sets. Now the company is ready to move into production, having raised enough money to support the manufacturing process, the company is now beginning to hire workers and conduct advanced crash testing. It looks like Aptera just might achieve their goal of delivering the first customer Typ-1 in 2008.

The plug-in hybrid has already established a place for itself in the mainstream media thanks not only to it's dramatic and futuristic appearance, but for its ability to back up the manufacturer's claims. With designer Jason Hill, whose previous work includes the Porsche Carrera GT and the Smart car on board, the vehicle has moved from concept to reality in just nine months.

A complete reconceptualization of the passenger car, the Aptera uses technology more often associated with aircraft than automobiles. The extreme teardrop shape, composite material construction, light weight and three-wheel configuration make the Aptera look something like a wingless plane - an apt comparison, considering 'aptera' is Greek for 'wingless flight.'

Expected pricing is around $30,000 and with an estimated fuel economy of 300mpg and an all-electric range of 120mi, it looks to be king of the efficiency hill once it makes it to full production. Of course, that assumes Aptera can scale the even more difficult heights of full crash testing, mass production and quality control.