Back in February Northern Illinois Classic Cars 11,000-square-foot building suffered widespread fire damage caused by a short in a 1968 Hurst Olds but now that repairs have been made the classic car dealer will reopen May 9th.  Although the Olds was destroyed and the buildings roof required extensive repairs the most prized possession, a 1964 Mustang priced at $5.5 million was unharmed.  What makes this 1964 Mustang so valuable according to owner Tony Begley is that he believes it's the first Ford Mustang off the production line in 1964,  Tony believes the 1964 Mustang which was the #212 built is the first actual production Mustang sold to the public.  He has claimed all Mustangs built prior to his were pre-production models and were not suppose to be sold to the public.  It's a long running battle of who's right and who's wrong with Tony thinking he has the first official Ford Mustang.

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