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"Hasty is full of it. Only a handful of the cars produced were equipped with 427FE’s supplied by Shelby. We had these engines built by other, cheaper sources. I will not give there names because they still run reputable businesses and have nothing to do with this. Engine failures stemmed from poor engineering, not faulty engines. Many customers will be more than pissed to know that Unique’s production was managed by Brent Fenimore, who is famed for running Shelby’s operation into the ground years ago. No efforts were ever made to iron out the bugs in the system. The only issues ever fixed were done by the employees who had nothing but idle time, due to waiting nearly 6 months for long needed parts and materials. If you are waiting on a Foose Camaro, forget it. Foose hasn’t received payment for any of the handful of cars sold under his name. And the reason they stopped production here is because Chip was trying to find out why. They just didn’t want to owe him anymore money. Hasty is a crook, bottom line, and a dumb one at that. The man is like a 16 year old girl with a credit card he doesn’t pay for. YOU DO!!! and the employees did. They stole 401K contributions and health insurance premiums from us for nearly a year. Not to mention the employees who ran into legal issues because the company was taking child support deductions and not sending the payments. They closed the doors and still owe us two weeks salary. All you people want to know what happened to your money? Go look in Hasty’s garage. The only thing I saw grow in nearly 2 years of employment was this mans car collection. He spent money on lavish hotels, women, and first class flights, everywhere he went. These people scammed everybody. Shelby is no saint either, but didn’t have anything to do with this. I feel terrible for those who paid for their dream car’s only to be what can only be described as “ROBBED”, and for the employees who put there blood, sweet, and tears, into what turned out to be a scam and unemployment. We can only hope that Doug Hasty and Co. pays for these crimes behind bars."


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