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2005 toyota mr2 spyder Professional Edmunds Review
Source: Edmunds

...Though better suited as a weekend car than a daily driver,
the MR2 Spyder is the perfect alternative for those suffering from Mazda Miata burnout.Published: 10/02/2005 Updated: 10/02/2009 What's New for 2005: Say good-bye to the MR2 (again).
This is the final year of production for the fun, little convertible.
The only changes this year are to the audio system, which now has an amber-colored display screen and a standard six-disc CD changer in place of the cassette player.
Pros: Lively and precise handling dynamics, scores high on the fun scale, available SMT transmission...

1993 Toyota MR2 Professional Review

...Toyotaboasts of a performance suspension, but the car we tested provided a bumpy,rocky ride with lots of metallic pings when traveling over anything other thanflat surfaces. Another annoyance came from the removable, glass T-top panels, whichprovide open-air motoring. When left in, the glass didn`t have enough tint to block glare. And with all the glass from the windshield and the T-tops, ittook a long time for the air conditioning to make a dent in the discomfort in the passenger cabin. Yet another gripe was that the boot surrounding the five-speed gearshiftlever stood so tall that we...

1992 toyota mr2 Professional Edmunds Review
Source: Edmunds

...Published: 10/02/1992 Updated: 10/02/2009 What's New for 1992: ABS is optional...

2005 Toyota MR2 Professional Review

...A large tachometer dominates the three-pod gauge cluster. Tall folks can stretch out, but cargo space is virtually nonexistent officially listed at a minuscule 1.9 cubic feet. A limited-slip differential and a leather-trimmed interior package are the only factory options. Under the Hood The MR2 Spyder's 138-horsepower, 1.8-liter four-cylinder is adapted from the one used in the Celica GT. The engine teams with a five-speed-manual transmission or a six-speed sequential manual gearbox that replaces the clutch pedal and gear selector with a single shifter; it doesn't have a fully automatic mode...

1991 Toyota MR2 Professional Review

...Other pertinent switches are easy to reach and use. Gauges are a simple affair with a nicely laid out set of analog instruments for water, oil, temperature, turbo boost as well as large easy-to-read speedometer and tachometer. One of the nicest qualities of the new MR2 is the view you get looking through the big, rounded windshield over the sloping, curved hood. The upper portion of the hood near the wheel wells slopes in and down slightly giving the driver and passenger an excellent view of the road. With the engine located amidships, it's sort of strange hearing the mechanical sounds of the...

1995 Toyota MR2 Professional Review

...The body does not lean much, and because it is so low to the ground, you feel completely safe pulling off maneuvers that might make for dangerous driving in other cars. The MR2 comes with an electronic/hydraulic power rack-and-pinion steering system that is very tight and crisp. The brakes - anti-lock discs at all four corners - provide abundant stopping power. The anti-lock system seems a bit unrefined compared with others I've tested. There is quite a bit of pulsing at the pedal, but the system stops the car quickly and without fuss. The MR2 is one of the few cars that is always...

1991 Toyota MR2 Professional Review

...But by riding the clutch a smidge, by holding power from the MR2's Celica engine around 3,000 r.p.m., this turbocharger starts spinning soon after the get-go. In second gear, it is all spooled up and blowing a gale, and the little car is proceeding at a pace that will smudge your mascara. Then there is the handling. Among imagists, it is known as point and squirt. One points the car into a cor ner or curve. One adds a firm squirt of gas pedal. The car dives in and through the corner beneath perfect control that one may presume is more yours than mechanical. Among those who prefer comparisons...

1995 toyota mr2 Professional Edmunds Review
Source: Edmunds

...Published: 10/02/1995 Updated: 10/02/2009 What's New for 1995: Final year for Mister Two.
Several states lose Turbo model, which wouldn't pass emissions regulations. Base models with T-bar roof get power windows and locks standard...

2005 Toyota MR2 Spyder Overview
Source: CarGurus

...The handful of choices included leather seating, the SMT, and cruise control. The engine, which was mounted in the middle of the car, was a 1.8-liter, 138 horsepower four-cylinder. The transmission was a five-speed manual, and it had rear-wheel drive. The top is designed to sit flush with the body of the car when down, so no cover is required. Fuel economy is about 25/32. Drivers of the 2005 Toyota MR2 love the car because it is fun to drive, zips around corners with ease, and has an easy-to-use convertible top. It doesn’t hurt that it has Toyota reliability either. Many complain...

1992 Toyota MR2 Professional Review

...The MR2's high price is one reason the car has found so few takers- about 3,000 have been sold this year. Anti-lock brakes, a necessity on such a high-performance car, are a $1,130 option. Toyota could add a bit of value by making the ABS standard and lowering the price by that amount. The test car did have the ABS brakes, and they were terrific. The four-wheel disc brakes were perfectly matched to counter the car's brutal acceleration. The suspension system s unusually tight. Stretches of road where there are numerous dips in quick succession can cause the front-end to bounce enough for the...

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