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2012 Honda Odyssey Professional Review

...A power driver's seat, air conditioning and cruise control are standard. Additional interior features include: 15 cupholders Sliding second-row center seat moves up to 6 inches closer to the front of the cabin to keep an infant within arm's reach Available rear entertainment system; Touring Elite model gets an upgraded 16.2-inch widescreen display and surround sound Available integrated sunshades Available heated leather front seats Available navigation system Standard collapsible third-row seat creates a flat load floor Under the Hood The standard 3.5-liter V-6 makes 248 horsepower and 250...

1995 Honda Odyssey Professional Review

...four-speed automatic transmission, dual front air bags, dual air conditioning and power side- view mirrors, windows and door locks. All of these goodies were put together in the tested Odys sey LX with impeccable precision. Complaints: Interior space; wimpy engine under load. Praise: Overall craftsmanship; myriad personal touches, including two glove boxes. Head-turning quotient: The Odyssey gets nods, but no big whoop. Ride, acceleration and handling: A triumvirate of excellence when carrying one or two passengers. Diminished capacity, in terms of acceleration and handling, when onboard...

1996 honda odyssey Professional Edmunds Review
Source: Edmunds

...Small front quarter windows do little for visibility in that direction, but mirrors are very good. An unusual slanted dashboard holds a distinctive speedometer. In addition to a large glovebox and ample console storage box, the Odyssey offers a smaller supplementary glovebox. On the safety front, airbags are installed for both the driver and front passenger. So is all-disc antilock braking. Power comes from a VTEC 140-horsepower, 2.2-liter 16-valve four-cylinder engine, borrowed from the Accord. Adequately brisk performance is accompanied, unfortunately, by an excess of buzziness. If noise is...

1995 Honda Odyssey Professional Review

..."People seem to like the four doors and the foldaway rear seat," Pitman said. "That lets them get in or out on either side of the vehicle." Unlike some vans that require a quantum step upward, this one has wide, flat doorsills that serve as steps. Honda says its floor on the Odyssey is lower than other minivans, thanksto its four-wheel double- wishbone suspension system. Some of the other friendly feature s include a short frontal overhang and rounded corners to minimize the turning area. There are more than 293 degrees of outward visibility from the driver's seat. The windshield is set...

1995 honda odyssey Professional Edmunds Review
Source: Edmunds

...Published: 10/02/1995 Updated: 10/02/2009 What's New for 1995: Honda gets its minivan in the form of the Odyssey.
Unique to the Odyssey is a five-door design that includes four passenger carlike swing-out doors. LX and EX models come standard with antilock brakes and dual airbags...

1995 Honda Odyssey Professional Review

...The V-6 is so smooth, so whisper quiet, that some might not realize it's running. With starter shutoff, if you turn the key when the engine is running, the starter disengages so you don't get the grinding and squeal associated with the goof. The EX sedan is very peppy with the V-6 and handled the Arizona mountains with ease. Like the Odyssey, the 4-speed automatic has grade level logic to reach the right gear up or down steep inclines. Noise? None. Vibration? None. Guts? Plenty. Nimble? You betcha. The V-6 and automatic (no manual) is rated at 19 miles per gallon city/25 m.p.g. highway. The...

2012 Honda Odyssey Professional Review

...The Odyssey has a slightly shorter wheelbase than its competition while being longer overall. It was hard to notice any type of flex in the large body during my time in it, which really is a tribute to its engineering. While there was some road noise in the Touring trim with its 18-inch wheels and low-rolling-resistance tires, the 17-inch models were quieter, and overall neither road nor wind noise was overly intrusive. Interior & Cargo A winged dashboard layout keeps things as simple as possible in a minivan loaded with gizmos. The center stack of controls is broken up into a number of...

1995 Honda Odyssey Professional Review

...Instead, it is chummy, friendly, easy on the senses, very much fun to drive and stuffed with reassuring amenities for a base price of $22,985. The basement LX comes with anti-lock brakes, dual air bags, power steering, front and rear air conditioning, four-speaker stereo, cruise control, half a dozen cup holders, adjustable steering wheel, speed-sensitive steering and power doors--including a tailgate lock. The Odyssey EX is a little pricier at $24,995, also fancier with alloy wheels, power sunroof, six-speaker sound system and remote-control entry included in the price of admission. * Honda...

2012 Honda Odyssey Overview
Source: CarGurus

...improved fuel economy and inclusion of new features like a climate-controlled storage box and rear seat entertainment system are rarely argued. Although some drivers note that fuel economy is still lacking - even the best possible 19 mpg city/28 highway that comes with the 6-speed automatic in the Touring and Touring Elite is not quite satisfactory for some drivers, and other drivers note a strong inconsistency with real-life driving and the advertised numbers.However, those drivers who manage to get a well-made Odyssey cannot praise its car-like ride, good looks and technological inclusions...

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