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1998 Honda Accord Professional Review

...Use the belts. 1998 Honda Accord LX V6 Complaints: Purely cosmetic. The exterior design leaves me lukewarm. Praise: An excellent all-around family mobile -- exceptionally well engineered and well built, ergonomically correct in almost every respect, functional to the max and, if you forget about looks, it's fun to drive. Head-turning quotient: It didn't get one ooh or aah during the entire week I had it. Typical comment: "That's the new Accord?" It's almost as if people don't expect this car to look exciting. Ride, acceleration and handling: Triple aces. No complaints. Easily among the best...

1998 Honda Accord Overview
Source: CarGurus

...The aerodynamic design of this Accord looks much more expensive than its price tag ($7,250 to $9,400 range).
For safety conscious folks an antilock brake system is optional.
In a frontal crash test by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, this automobile received 4 out of 5 stars.
1998 saw the introduction of the now well-known 3.0-liter V6 engine from Honda. As usual, the cab is plenty spacious with loads of comfort and convenient design - a nice car to drive...

1998 Honda Accord Professional Review

...Gone is the familiar wedge-shaped exterior. In its place is a modern and classic, not trendy, design. It's got just enough creases to avoid a jelly bean look. The grille is almost stark, with a single horizontal louver. Luxury sedan cues are evident, but in subtle ways. For example, the rear bumper fascia on the new Accord is about 30 percent bigger than the old Accord, giving it a more substantial appearance. New wrap around tail lights accent the rear. The redesign may remind some of the movie Sabrina - a car that started life as a cute little hatchback in 1976 is now a sophisticate. And...

1998 Honda Accord Professional Review

...I was instantly familiar with the setup and found that I could make a change in temperature or fan speed without diverting my attention from the road for more than a second or two. Three cleanly styled, circular instruments convey essential information to the driver. The speedometer is flanked by a tachometer on the right and fuel and temperature gauges on the left. The speedometer is much bigger than the other two gauges, but all three are easy to read and nice-looking. Our test car came with attractive cloth upholstery and firm, comfortable seats. Honda's interior designers reworked the...

1998 Honda Accord Professional Review

...The rewards of driving the EX V-6 coupe aren't limited to the aerobic exercises you can demand from the engine, suspension and braking system. Comfort and ergonomic design also are strong suits. Although the ride/handling compromise that's been dialed into the EX V-6 coupe's suspension is skewed slightly toward athletic achievement, the car still dispenses a comfortable, albeit firm, ride. Indeed, the test car was as comfortable and friendly as it was refined and athletic. The seats were supportive and comfy, and the operational noises and vibrations that made their way into the cabin weren't...

1998 honda accord Professional Edmunds Review
Source: Edmunds

...During the 1995 model year, the Accord sedan finally got a V6. However, it doesn't perform as well as some versions four-cylinder Accord. Why? Added weight, different tires and an automatic transmission collaborated to make the Accord V6 slower and less nimble than a five-speed Accord EX. Additionally, critics find that the V6 powertrain was not ideally suited to the Accord, citing smooth but dull response from both the engine and transmission resulting in a bland character; decidedly out of tune with other Honda products. For '98, Honda pumps that V6 full of VTEC magic, and though we haven't...

1998 Honda Accord Professional Review

...At idle, it's possible to walk away from the car and not realize the engine is still running. On the new three-liter V-6, a more compact 60-degree design gets credit for helping increase the interior room by allowing engineers to shrink the engine compartment. Horsepower is up to 200. A five-speed manual transmission is available on four-cylinder models, as is a four-speed automatic. The automatic gearbox is the only transmission available with the V-6. The Accord's suspension has been reworked, particularly at the back, where a new multilink setup improves the car's handling by allowing the...

1998 Honda Accord Professional Review

...But those are minor gripes compared to the worst grievance and worst feature the car offers--a steering column that puts the wheel perilously close to your knees even with the seat as low as it goes. "Laptop" should refer to computers, not steering wheels. Very uncomfortable. And should the air bag deploy, your navel is going to be the beneficiary of the cushion, your chest and head are on their own. Though Honda hasn't priced its '98 Accord line, it says the 4-cylinder sedan models probably will be held at '97 levels, its V-6 sedans will go down from $800 to $1,000 and its new coupes will go...

1998 Honda Accord Professional Review

...The way it works is that there is a series of three intake rocker arms in a line for each cylinder, and the camshaft has three different intake cam lobes (primary-middle-secondary) for each cylinder. The rockers open the two intake valves per cylinder. At slower speeds, the two outer rockers control the valve train, and are actuated by lobes having a lower profile (lift). These give the valves less of an opening. At higher engine speeds, all three rockers are locked together and are controlled by a high lift middle rocker and cam lobe. The higher lift opens the intake valves more, and give...

1998 Honda Accord Professional Review

...The Accord's 106.9-inch wheelbase is almost two inches less than of the Ford Taurus, and its overall length is 11 inches shorter. Total interior volume is just 5 cubic feet less than the Taurus. In short, even though the Accord is smaller, its interior space does not suffer proportionately. It has fractionally more front-seat head and legroom, for example, but the back seat is more confining. A split-folding rear seat offers hauling flexibility because the trunk can be expanded almost like a small station wagon. The inside of our metallic silver test car was tastefully done in oatmeal-colored...

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