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1990 ford mustang Professional Edmunds Review
Source: Edmunds

...Published: 10/02/1990 Updated: 10/02/2009 What's New for 1990: A driver airbag becomes standard.
Knee bolsters and a leather-wrapped steering wheel complete interior changes. The exterior receives clear coat paint...

2012 Ford Mustang Overview
Source: CarGurus

...includes voice-activated DVD navigation, HD radio and dual-zone climate control, while the Brembo Brake Package, available with the GT trims and the Boss 302, offers 14-inch Brembo rotors and calipers, with 3.55:1 and 3.73:1 limited-slip axles also optional for the higher performance trims. Standalone options, meantime, include a glass roof, remote engine start, a power-adjustable passenger seat and heated front seats. All Premium level Mustangs can also be delivered in the Pony package and the Mustang Club of America Special Edition, each boasting 18-inch alloy wheels and upgraded exterior...

1994 ford mustang Professional Edmunds Review
Source: Edmunds

...Published: 10/02/1994 Updated: 10/02/2009 What's New for 1994: New sheet metal for the venerable pony.
The LX model and hatchback are dropped. The base Mustang gets a 3.8-liter V6, and GT models receive a boost in horsepower.
Four-wheel disc brakes are standard on both Mustangs and ABS becomes an available option.
A passenger airbag, power driver seat, and tilt steering wheel become standard in 1994. Convertibles are available with a removable hardtop...

1991 Ford Mustang Overview
Source: CarGurus

...These cars used the standard 225 hp 5.0 (302) engines as found in the LX 5.0 or GT cars but they had several modification including handling packages, reinforced flooring, cooling, braking, and electrical components that lent themselves to heavy duty highway cruising and police pursuit work. There were only 385 of these special ordered sedans built, so in respect, they are quite scarce.The sedan or coupe was the lightest of all Mustang models produced in 1991 and both the SSP and regular production 5.0's are sought after by enthusiasts and collectors.Many of these cars are still found on the...

1994 ford mustang svt cobra Professional Edmunds Review
Source: Edmunds

...Published: 10/02/1994 Updated: 10/02/2009 What's New for 1994: Like the other Mustangs, the Cobra was redesigned this year and sports 235 horsepower, the most in the Mustang stable...

1994 Ford Mustang Overview
Source: CarGurus

...In 1994, the Ford Mustang came roaring back from probable extinction to become Motor Trend's car of the year for the third time.
The first major restyling of the Mustang in 15 years resulted in a new,
slick package with an exciting line of engines.The standard was a 3.8-liter V6 rated at 145 horsepower, with an optional 5.0-liter V8 HO rated at 225 horsepower.
The Cobra was again the most powerful car in the line,
with a 5.0-liter V8 HO rated at 245 horsepower.The Saleen Supercharged Racer aftermarket package was barely legal: The 351-ci supercharged V8 was rated at 480...

1996 ford mustang Professional Edmunds Review
Source: Edmunds

...The big power is reserved for the limited-production Cobra model. A DOHC 4.6-liter mod motor packs a 305 horsepower punch in the Cobra, but it comes at a steep price premium. The Cobra performs slightly better than the new Ram Air Firebirds released by General Motors this year. However, with production of just 10,000 copies and a cost of $26,000 per car, the Cobra has limited appeal. Folks who've been waiting for a real engine in the GTsince 1994 will likely head for Chevy dealerships in exasperation. Suspension revisions and steering improvements make the Mustang more fun to drive this year...

1993 ford mustang Professional Edmunds Review
Source: Edmunds

...Published: 10/02/1993 Updated: 10/02/2009 What's New for 1993: Improved stereos grace all Mustangs this year...

1990 Ford Mustang Professional Review

...Several violent thunderstorms rolled through Central Florida during the time I had the test car. Not one drop of water landed in the Mustang's interior. I was somewhat surprised by this because at 65 mph, I heard considerable wind noise seeping in around the rear windows. When there are air leaks, water usually finds its way into the car. Another nice feature is the Mustang's tonneau cover. When the top is lowered, the vinyl cover connects to the car's body not with the usual snaps but with flat plastic strips that fit neatly into grooves. In other words, you don't break fingernails and...

1991 ford mustang Professional Edmunds Review
Source: Edmunds

...Published: 10/02/1991 Updated: 10/02/2009 What's New for 1991: New wheels appear on the GT and LX 5.0 Mustangs...

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2015 Ford Mustang passenger knee airbag

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2015 Ford Mustang GT Convertible

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