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2010 ford mustang Professional Edmunds Review
Source: Edmunds

...Expect a 0-60-mph sprint in the low 5-second range for the GT model, with the V6 trailing its brawnier brother by a considerable margin. Despite the performance gap, the archaic V6 is barely better on gas than the thirsty GT -- last year's Mustang V6 was rated at 16 mpg city/24 mpg highway and 19 mpg combined (17/26/20 mpg with the manual transmission), while the GT came in at 15/22/18 (15/23/18 with the manual). Safety: Antilock four-wheel disc brakes, front-seat side airbags and stability control are standard on all Mustangs. Though crash tests for the 2010 Mustang hadn't been released at...

2010 Ford Mustang Professional Review

...Direct comparisons between the Camaro, Mustang and Challenger are inevitable. The Mustang feels lighter and more agile than either of the other two, but it falls short when it comes to full-on acceleration. The Mustang's interior has been spiffed up with higher-quality materials and better seats. The gauges are bright and simple. Tiny LEDs light the cup holders and foot wells at night. Additional sound deadening reduces road noise. It's simple to operate the convertible top, and windblast is quite tolerable even when the top is down. Audio and climate controls on the center stack are large...

2010 Ford Mustang Professional Review

...Almost every piece of the exterior has been overhauled. (Only the roof remains from the previous generation.) The front end looks more substantial thanks to the power dome hood. In the middle of the grille is an all-new pony to represent the Mustang for the future. The V-6 model features fog lamps in the lower fascia and the GT models pull the fog lights up into the grille. The Mustang's profile is strong and athletic. The fenders push out slightly and give the car a rippling muscle look. It's Sampson with long hair. All four corners of the Mustang are cut off, helping accentuate the car from...

Review: 2010 Ford Mustang
Source: MSN Autos

...There's never been such a refined Mustang.On the RoadPolished as never before, the 2010 Mustang delivers an adult driving experience. Already tour-capable in 2005 form, the new Mustang's refinements comfort while the willing chassis and powerful engines work with whatever enthusiasm the driver injects. For daily putt-putting and occasional zip, the V6 really is plenty, but the big fun is all V8 stuff, of course.We drew full measure of our test GT with Track Pack II equipment, which amazed us with its claw-like grip and unexpected balance for just a little ride jiggle. Make no mistake: Track...

2010 Ford Mustang Professional Review

...But Mustang aficionados sneer at the car. To many Mustang lovers, a Mustang that isn't a Mustang GT with a big, romping 4.6-liter, 315-horsepower V-8 engine and a robust, baritone exhaust note isn't really a Mustang. And please don't try telling them that you are driving the V-6 because you are concerned about the environment and are trying to save fuel, which neither the Mustang V-6 nor the V-8 does a particularly good job of anyway. They will laugh at you. Or worse, if you are silly enough to tool along the FDR or Harlem River Drive here with the top down on a V-6 Mustang convertible on a...

2010 Ford Mustang Professional Review

...A five-speed manual transmission is standard for both engines, and both are also available with a five-speed automatic. The Mustang is one of the few cars in the U.S. still using a solid rear axle — an outdated design that has a tendency to transfer impacts from one wheel to the other. Rather than installing a modern independent rear suspension along with the rest of the updates to the 2010 Mustang, Ford retained this design. Safety Standard safety features include all-disc antilock brakes, side-impact airbags for the front seats and an electronic stability system, which is new for 2010...

CarGurus' Review for 2010 ford mustang
Source: CarGurus

...This is the best Mustang we’ve seen since the revision in 2004, with more power, an improved suspension and chassis, better quality, new styling, increased sound dampening, and more.
You can get outfitted with a V8 GT for less than $28,000 or get a Premium V8 Convertible GT for $35,000. Sure, it’s not the same Mustang it was back in 1965 - it’s better...

2010 Ford Mustang Professional Review

...but now Mustang also sports a larger power-dome hood, new head/taillamps and fascia and grille, new wheel flares and a rather large, galloping chrome (black on the V-8) pony in the grille. Ford says it tinkered with the metal pony so it looks more as if racing into the wind. We'll take Ford's word for it. You can opt for a power soft top for the thrill of open-air motoring or an all-glass roof ($1,995) to take in the scenery while keeping out harmful rays. But there's no better joy than to drop the top and take a lazy cruise. And if wind musses the hair and sun freckles the head, so be it...

2010 Ford Mustang Professional Review

...The stereo controls were easy to reach and use, with no waffling over buttons to find a radio station. I had a hard time getting the fan to operate how I wanted, though. At first it wasn't blowing hard enough, but then I realized I had selected the wrong mode, a pretty easy mistake due to the non-descript button for fan settings. The visibility was good from every angle. There were no bulky accessories or pillars to block my view, and the rear window was big enough to get a good look through via the rearview mirror. The backseat, which seats two, had no frills. There weren't any cupholders or...

2010 Ford Mustang Professional Review

...The increased horsepower on the V-8 came from improvements in the cold-air induction system developed by Ford Racing Technology. Ford says the air intake "is tucked behind the driver-side headlamp, mounted in an air box specific to the Mustang. Extensive sealing modifications ensure cold air from the front of the Mustang feed the engine." The V-8's redline is now 6,500 rpm, up by 250. Both engines come with larger exhaust tips, and on the GT, they are polished. The car runs great on regular fuel, Ford notes, and the performance figures were based on that grade of fuel. Premium fuel can be...

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