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2006 dodge viper Professional Edmunds Review
Source: Edmunds

...Safety: Safety equipment doesn't go beyond the basics on the Dodge Viper. There are no side airbags, nor is there traction or stability control. Massive four-wheel antilock disc brakes assure rapid stops and a passenger-side airbag cutoff switch makes it feasible for small children to ride along in a pinch. Interior Design and Special Features: Although the cockpit was improved with 2003's revamping, it still feels like a Viper inside, except with build and materials quality more befitting an $80,000 car. A large center-mounted tachometer sits next to a 220-mph speedometer. Additional gauges...

2006 Dodge Viper Professional Review

...Even though the driver eventually adapts, the pedal offset is uncomfortable and could even be dangerous to first-time drivers. The instrument panel has been redesigned with white-faced gauges, a line of which marches up the center stack. The power window switches are on the center tunnel instead of the door panels. The Viper coupe has a double bubble roofline and a rear window that tapers into the trunk. The roof is shaped to accommodate a driver wearing a crash helmet. The fastback shape more than doubles the Viper's luggage capacity, which is a tiny 6.25 cubic feet. A car such as the Viper...

2006 Dodge Viper
Source: MSN Autos

...The 3,410-pound Viper loafs at 1300 rpm at 65 mph in sixth gear, which is why it delivers an estimated 20 mpg on highways despite its monster engine. However, city fuel economy is only 12 mpg. The Viper is certified as a Low Emissions Vehicle, but premium gasoline is required. To fire up the engine, you insert an ignition key in a switch on the steering column and push a race-car-style red starter button on the dashboard, after putting a foot on the brake pedal. Athletic Moves Needed The low-slung car calls for athletic moves to get in or out, and wide door sills get hot because of their...

2006 Dodge Viper Professional Review

...Exterior Vipers have flaunted their wild and untamed nature from the beginning, and the current version continues that theme. Styling cues for the 2003 - 2006 models were taken from the Viper GTS/R concept car unveiled at the 2000 auto show in Detroit. Swept-back fenders, deep-cut side scallops and lowered hood lines resemble the styling cues of the original Viper but give the low-slung roadster a more modern appearance. Dodge installed a belly pan as one of several steps to improve the Viper's aerodynamics. The convertible Viper's bi-folding fabric roof uses a single center latch. Forged...

2006 Dodge Viper Professional Review

...It's noisy, consumptive. It comes with a $3,000 federal gas-guzzler tax. Ride, acceleration and handling: Ride and handling are great on a racetrack, or on a well-maintained highway relatively free of traffic. Both ride and handling diminish noticeably in the city, especially on poorly maintained streets. Superior acceleration: It goes from 0 to 60 miles per hour in four seconds. Head-turning quotient: The SRT-10 is the most polarizing vehicle I've driven since 1992, when I drove the first Viper. Critics passionately voiced their contempt, damning it as a wasteful excess in an era of rising...

2006 Dodge Viper Overview
Source: CarGurus

...The 8.3-liter engine now churns out 510 hp. Is there no limit to the amount of horsepower Dodge can cram into the Viper?The 2006 Dodge Viper SRT-10s were not built for comfort, but engineers kept it in mind and did think to include air conditioning, power windows and locks, and a 6-CD changer, all of which were missing in some early models of the Viper. The bucket seats in the 2006 Dodge Viper seem to be more comfortable than the first generation seats, meaning you can comfortably drive farther, if you can afford the 12/20 mpg that the 2006 Dodge Viper gets. But no matter where you go...

2006 Dodge Viper Professional Review

...The steering is very quick and precise, much improved over past Vipers. STYLING: Viper aficionados were unimpressed by the 2003 makeover, feeling that Dodge had softened Viper's uniquely macho style. Maybe so, but the red test car was a constant attention grabber. Besides, there's much to be said for a manual top that fits and folds easily into the trunk, when the roof on the original roadster looked like an ill-fitting toupee and barely kept out the rain. INTERIOR: The driver's space was tight for my lanky self, and nobody carrying extra pounds will find comfort here. There's hardly any...

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2014 Dodge SRT Viper

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