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2010 aston martin dbs Professional Edmunds Review
Source: Edmunds

...Subtle carbon-fiber trim lines areas of the doors, while tasteful alloy trim and must-have optional piano-black trim adorn the center console. The elegant key fob (or Emotion Control Unit) that seamlessly slides into the dash is partly made from sapphire crystal. When it comes to controls, easily deciphered buttons combine with a central LCD screen layout borrowed from Volvo to create a user-friendly and attractive interface. Unfortunately, Aston also nicked a Volvo navigation system, which is one of the worst on the market. The gauges are another point of contention even though they look...

2010 Aston Martin DBS Professional Review

...If you stay in low gears and rely on engine braking , you hear the engine from the front, thanks in large part to four cooling vents in the hood. Heat rises from the vents, distorting your view when sitting at a stoplight, waiting anxiously to wind it out again. If you keep the drivetrain in Drive rather than Sport mode and leave the adaptive suspension in its default setting, the DBS is pretty quiet and comfortable — enough for long drives on a smooth highway. One exception common to soft-tops is that noise creeps in around the rear window, particularly the high-pitched "shhhhhhhhh" of...

2010 Aston Martin DBS Professional Review

...The rear cargo area can be replaced with additional seats to increase seating capacity to four. This configuration comes standard on the convertible. Leather-upholstered dashboard, armrest, steering wheel and seats Choice of ultra-thin racing seats or chunkier, but still heavily bolstered, sport seats Available navigation system Available Bang & Olufsen audio system Under the Hood The engine sits in front of the driver and passenger but is pushed back toward the center of the car. The new automatic transmission is similar to the unit used in the DB9, but with beefed-up internal parts to...

2010 Aston Martin DBS Professional Review

...Both cars have Aston's variable-length exhaust system. In the Volante, under acceleration, when the engine revs reach about 3,800 rpm, a bypass valve opens up and wild, feral decibels come pouring out, though not exactly a snarl. It's more refined, brighter, more metallic, richer and more musical; the chain saw you'd use to cut down the Enchanted Forest. Like if you could somehow catch the Perseids on a tea service . . . The top mechanism itself is excellent. The acoustically matted canvas top retracts in a brief 14 seconds, more than quick enough to lower the top at a stoplight (the top will...

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