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1997 acura integra Professional Edmunds Review
Source: Edmunds

...Since 1994, they've sported swoopy, modern styling, featuring quad, circular headlamps. Unfortunately, the front fascia design is marred by a thick, black rubber molding between the edge of the hood and the fascia, and this cutline is painfully obvious on lighter-colored cars. The Type R was added to Integra's stable late in the summer, and it could be the standard by which all Japanese sport coupes are measured. One-hundred and ninety-five horsepower at 8000 rpm, hand-polished intake and exhaust ports, and a high-flow exhaust system all make for a fire-breathing engine. Did we mention the...

1997 Acura Integra Professional Review

...The key is Honda's VTEC system (variable valve timing and lift electronic control) that was pioneered in the NSX sports car. This system uses three cam lobes and three corresponding rocker arms to actuate each pair of intake and exhaust valves. The two outside cam lobes and rockers actuate the valves for low and mid-range speeds. At 5,700 rpm, the high lift middle lobe an d rocker take over for high speed work. Other speed enhancements include increasing the size of the intake manifold runners and hand polishing the intake and exhaust ports. This enhances air/fuel flow, and this engine flows...

1997 Acura Integra Professional Review

..." The net result of all this slaving over a hot polishing wheel is a stratospheric red line of 8,400 r.p.m.s, and a car that will go from rest to 60 m.p.h. in an exciting 6.6 seconds, and top out at 143. At 143, the Type R no doubt generates a cooling breeze, and doesn't require an air conditioner. But you can't go 143 in Center City Philadelphia, as I noticed in last week's humid, 90-degree weather. Spencer suggested that the lack of air is something a "serious enthusiast" will put up with to obtain thi s kind of performance. But, he said, if you are a wimpy serious enthusiast like I am...

1997 Acura Integra Professional Review

...That also means that Honda left out some stuff, such as some sound deadening material, to help reduce the Type R's weight. But the four-seat car has all of the safety stuff most of us will ever need -- seat belts, shoulder harnesses, dual front air bags, reinforced unit body construction and anti-lock brakes. You're supposed to supply the common sense. 1997 Acura Integra Type R Complaints: That high wing spoiler obstructs rear vision and picks up the Type R's backlight glare at night. Losing some sound-deadening material means that the TypeR also gained some noise that doesn't show up in...

1997 Acura Integra Professional Review
Source: 6.6 seconds -- about the same as a Mustang GT, and a half-second quicker than the Integra GS-R. And 60 m.p.h. is only the beginning. If you keep your foot to the floor and row upward through the gears, the Type R won't run out of steam until the speedometer needle touches 143 m.p.h. As for ride quality, the Type R is distinctly stiffer than the more civilized GS-R, as you'd expect. Nevertheless, I expected every pavement irregularity thicker than a sheet of typing paper to jolt the car, and that wasn't the case. There's enough give in the springs and shock absorber damping to take the edge...

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