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2011 Dodge Charger R/T

2011 Dodge Charger R/T

The mullet king is dead. Long live the mullet king!

Six years ago--an epoch in Chrysler's herky-jerky corporate lifetime--Dodge resurrected the Charger nameplate and in one fell swoop, it obliterated all the front-drive nonsense we endured through the 1980s, in Omnis and Daytonas. Reborn with the help of some Daimler running gear, the 2005 Charger neatly stitched itself back to the 1970s muscle cars that still give the chicken skin to car followers and daydreamers. It's as if the 25 years in between never happened. No Reagan revolution. No NASCAR explosion. No Omni pollution.

When it came out of its deep hibernation, the Charger reconnected with more than just the mullet demographic that even a CBS News poll would pick out from its sales data. Yep, the race fans stepped right back in line--but so did a whole generation of sedan drivers starved for real rear-drive fun in four-door form, sidelined into safe Tauruses and commercial-grade Impalas. The Charger hardly needed its Budweiser-on-its-sleeve styling to telegraph its mission, if you looked underneath it on a lift.

Aren't you glad it did, though? And aren't you glad that, with this 2011 Charger, it's gone even more overboard? Not all the change in the Charger is quite so graphic, but the refolded, recreased sheetmetal is the main reason we flew out to California for this first drive of the HEMI-enabled 2011 Charger R/T.

Three different looks in one

The Charger's new flares and filigrees "pop" on camera and strike a deep masculine nerve, like finding out Catholic girls'-school uniforms are suddenly back in style. Still, you can't help but think there are three cars shouting out for your attention, when you circle around that prow of a nose, and pan down the sedan's sideview. The front end tilts dizzyingly forward like a Leaning Tower of Crosshairs. The headlamps have such angry eyebrows you might need to apologize first, and ask why later. Dodge says it's "ready to attack the road"; maybe a restraining order is in order.

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Comments (8)
  1. Looks like a blander, stubier version of the last one :-(

  2. Looks like an 8.5 to me if you forget the "green" politally corrected score. When it gets that eight speed and some tweeks, looks like a 10.

  3. Nice car...Looks great !!Could be the angle of the picture,but I still like the 06-10 Chargers rear side view !!
    Better than the bland,same looking Toyota/Mazda/Honda/Hyundai sedans that you have read the name to figure out what make it is,they all look the same !!
    Wonder why they think mullet drivers drove these cars,most mullet guys had imports,old 70's-80's Datsuns,Honda's ect...Remember mullets were not in style when the original Charger came out !!!

  4. I can't stand that vent thing in the middle of the door. Hideous. Fail.

  5. pssh! this r/t go hard! all it need is some rims tinted windows and soup this thang up!

  6. Very good looking car. Especially the R/T with the standard chrome grill, and red leather seats inside-- one of the nicest interiors available today.

  7. Owned a 2008 charger and just bought the 2011 charger r/t yesterday. What a difference in looks and features. Plus I feel it is alot faster. Don't knock unless you've drove it. Or can afford it.

  8. Cool car. Sat in the V6 at the Portland Auto Show, and was extremely impressed with the upgraded interior, and the overall cost. $25,000 - which comes with 292 horsepower, 20 inch chrome rims, spoiler and leather interior. Greatest buy in the entire Auto Show. Although I own an '08 model, I am still somewhat dissappointed they don't return the face and body of the Charger closer to the 1968 - 1970's year models. This car would be the hottest selling muscle car on the market today, if they did that! I don't get it? They redesigned the Challenger close to the original without using the modern 4-slotted grille. But they refuse to return the Charger to appearance of perhaps the most desired of the older muscle cars today. The 1969 Charger. ????

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