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2010 Porsche Panamera

Fire up the 400-horsepower, direct-injection 4.8-liter V-8 engine that's fitted in the base S model and you'll soon start thinking about numbers. Numbers like 5.2 seconds 0-60 mph or 4.8 seconds for the all-wheel-drive 4S. Four seconds flat for the 500-horsepower Turbo. Two tenths of a second shaved from each of those numbers by the options Sport Chrono pack's launch control feature. And for good measure, 175 mph top speeds for the non-turbo variants, and 188 mph for the Turbo. Despite the brawny power and rapid acceleration, there are no gas guzzler taxes here, as the non-turbo cars rate 16/24 mpg and the Turbo gets a 15/23 mpg rating. Activating stop-start can save even more fuel.

All that power is routed through a seven-speed, dual clutch PDK automatic transmission that uses Porsche's push-pull shift levers, one on each side of the wheel performing identical functions. Models with the Sport Chrono package can flick through the gears in manual mode, holding the car right at its 6,700-rpm redline if desired. Use that transmission to whip around a road course at 140 mph, and you'll find the 911's flat-six rumble replaced with a more machine-like--yet still entirely Porsche--whir.

While on track you'll notice the Panamera's 4,000-pound-plus curb weight, but Porsche mitigates the negative effects with light steering feel and well-adjusted electronic driver aids. Porsche Active Suspension Management lets the ride go from soft to firm as needed, while an optional air suspension (standard on Turbo models) helps improve the range of adjustability. Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control uses active anti-roll bars to help improve flatness in cornering without requiring stiffer spring rates, while a rear differential lock helps improve traction in inclement weather. The combined effect of the dynamic assistance systems is a lowering of 0.8 inches at speed, improving aerodynamics and lowering the center of gravity. An active spoiler also deploys to aid grip.

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  1. I just don't get it. Styling? This is one of the sexiest cars ever. It looks even better in person.

  2. I am among the new-to-Porsche Panemera owners who are ecstatic. To the purists who deride the look, I express surprise; the brief on this car is to carry 4 six foot three inch tall adults and their luggage (or 2 adults and 2 bicycles in the folded rear seats!) within in a full size four door sedan at 175 mph in extraordinary comfort, in a strikingly beautiful (I think) and technological advanced cabin, and this they have done. On top of that; it is light weight: incredibly fast given the (relatively) modest horsepower, yet it gets no fuel guzzler tax -- and is an ULTRA low emissions vehicle. SO, to the "purists" who say; "it has a bulge," I answer; the beauty lies in delivery of a genuine masterpiece of engineering that eschews the "box with brand cues" approach of other luxury sedans (exception: new XJ which I cross shopped). I too grow fonder of it every day and sneak out to look at it often. It has a "1940's" sensibility to the side view, which is unique, and one that I like! In short; we all love our new cars but i do believe my car is magnificent in every possible way.

  3. Having owned 4 previous Porsches, I find the Panamera to be a continuation of the Porsche philosophy. It has a presence that is missing with most current car designs and has the performance to blow away it's detractors. They hit a home run with this car.

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