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2010 GMC Terrain First Drive

2010 GMC Terrain First Drive

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Looking at the 2010 GMC Terrain, you might not know that it shares most of its under-skin components with the Chevrolet Equinox. The chunky, almost over-the-top fender swells definitely don't look like the unassuming Equinox's smooth lines. But step inside the cabin and the family resemblance is obvious. But that's a good thing.

The 2010 GMC Terrain is available with a range of powertrain options: either front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, and four- or six-cylinder engines; mix and match as you like, they all come with six-speed automatic transmissions and direct injection. A range of trim levels are also available, adding technology and features, though even the base spec is pretty accommodating. Given the Terrain's low $24,995 starting price, there's a lot to be said for this bolder-looking cousin of the Equinox. Though many of the test vehicles were clad in a deep red, the white and black models packed the most visual punch.

All of the available features and behind-the-wheel characteristics of the Terrain are identical to the Equinox, which means it drives and handles very well, if occasionally a bit stiff over broken pavement, and when outfitted with the V-6 engine and towing package, it's good for up to 3,500 pounds of pulling power. The standard four-cylinder can manage 1,500 pounds--enough to haul some bicycles, tools, or small powersports equipment with relative ease.

2010 GMC Terrain First Drive

2010 GMC Terrain First Drive

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GMC says the Terrain's key competitors are the Ford Edge, Honda CR-V, Nissan Murano and Hyundai Santa Fe. In short, the same basic competition list of the Equinox. So why go for the Terrain? The base spec package is handsome, including a rear-view mirror integrated rear-vision camera, USB input, ambient lighting and 17-inch alloy wheels. Even the range-topping SLT2, which adds 18-inch wheels, heated leather seats, rear park assist, a sunroof and a (very powerful) rear liftgate starts at just $29,995. So value could persuade you.

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Comments (17)
  1. This thing is almost as ugly as the Jeep Compass.
    Why is GM trying to make GMC a brand that offers almost everything.... They should stick to mid to large trucks and SUV's and leave the small SUV market to Chevy and Buick.

  2. I'm kind of with you on the aesthetics; it's over the top, for sure. I prefer smooth & flowing to sharp and blocky anyway.
    But it's really a surprisingly good vehicle. I went into it expecting to be basically disinterested and actually found a lot to like.

  3. I drove the Equinox with great anticipation. As much as I was hoping to like it, it felt like a good GM. The santa fe was miles ahead IMHO.

  4. Plastic wheel cover?? What the heck does the second half of this poorly written/poorly edited sentence actually mean:
    "If you opt for the bigger 19-inch wheels available on the upper-tier models, you'll get the lightness of alloy--very light, at about 22 pounds each, in fact--buy you'll get the bling of chrome thanks to a highly durable and barely noticeable plastic wheel cover that looks more like a polished alloy than just about antything else we've seen."

  5. To dissect the sentence is beyond the scope of the comments section, but to distill it: the 19-inch wheels are lightweight aluminum alloy underneath shiny plastic covers. Re-read the sentence and it says exactly that :)

  6. i think it's a positive step for gmc's aesthetics dept. it's definitely formidably bulky but it has a more interesting and futuristic look than previous GMCs.
    And i think Nelson deserves a pat on the back for his internet restraint policy. also, good article.

  7. I am a 2 day owner of a SLT2 with every option except the dvd player and we love the vehicle. Little iffy on being guinnea pigs with new vehicles but we are very please so far. Very quiet ride, handles wonderfully, plenty of room in the vehicle for passengers and for cargo if you need to haul. One thing that is goofy is the source switch but other than that love the vehicle and I am a FORD lover. They just dont market this type of vehicle at all.

  8. The Terrain is an incredi9bly ugly vehicle...it looks lie a brick on wheels! It makes the AQztek look good. THIS is what GM offers to the public after taking billions of taxpayer dollars?

  9. I thought the Terrain was ugly too,(in print) until I saw it in person and it really is a striking vehicle. The pictures don't do it any justice. kind of looks like a small version of the Acadia. I still think I like the Equinox better.

  10. I LOL every time I see this monstrosity. Maybe the most ugly car lose!

  11. I like it. If they made a strong hybrid with it I would buy one tomorrow. I am trying to hold out for the Volt but don't think I'll make it. Might try the Mariner Hybrid. Will GM ever have a strong hybrid small SUV Or a Volt type car with progressive styling? God I hope so.

  12. no HID headlights? no thanks.

  13. I love this SUV. The style better than the rest. The 4 cyl fwd w/ black leather is perfect. This is the ONLY GM product I would buy. However, the lots are empty so I may have to settle for an Accord EX-L.

  14. everyone who calls this truck ugly needs to take a look at it in real person... its a great suv gets as good gas mpg as a malibu... not a monstrosity... get off ur computer and take a look at this thing its one of the best suvs in my opinion..... and yes this is what gm makes with the tax payers dollars so try to stick with american i know all the bashers hating on this truck are foreign buyers neways trying to justify buying some japanese car.... just go and see the truck it really is a very nice suv the awd version gets better gas then the 2wd ford escape(terrain awd 20/29, escape 2wd auto 20/28 and better highway then the escape hybrid (27)... I hurd somewhere they were making a equinox hybrid so maybe their will be a terrain? the truck drives like a car... non hybrid of coarse (ill put that in their because of all the smart asses)
    long review haha sry...
    rick its "may the best car win" not maybe
    dood... you can install hids on anything... ever customize a car the least bit?

  15. edit: i ment the ford escape hybrid awd the fwd does get 34/31 but then again... the fwd terrain gets 32 highway.... so still better ;) and my friend put the stupid hybrid thing in their and it got mixed up after i typed the rest or my post so ignore the last hybrid part... also the japs new tuscon cant get the gas of the terrain... 31 highway... no sliding rear bench... or telescopic steering wheel...

  16. Can anyone tell me what you get with the towing package for the SLT2 V6? Is it just the hitch or do they also install engine and trany coolers?

  17. @ Nick I got a good deal at Auto Parts Los Angeles specialty garage, check out the site: http://www.autopartsla.com
    I purchased the towing package and they installed the engine along with the trany coolers, rather than me going in DIY

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