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2009 Mercedes-Benz CLS Class - Review


In the world of cars, “luxury” can be a tricky word. What seems luxurious to some may seem downright distasteful and tacky to others. Then there’s the mercurial issue of style, changing and developing in ways unfathomable to an orderly mind. Yet the business of building luxury cars is a big one, and Mercedes-Benz is one of the biggest players in that business.

The 2009 Mercedes-Benz CLS 550C is a prime example of just how successful Mercedes has been, though as a car built on a foundation of compromise, there’s a lot more risk involved than first meets the eye.

Styling and Exterior
I should start off by saying I wasn’t a fan of the CLS’s style to begin with. Something about its proportions - so attractive to most - always put me in the mind of a sort of mechanized ant-eater. I’m still not convinced the rear taillight area isn’t a train-wreck of design, and the fender gap with the standard 18in wheels seems wide enough for stowaways, but I’ve come around to the overall package.

At any rate, it’s an eye-catching car, turning more heads than you might expect, even several years after its debut. Inside, it’s every bit as attractive, and a good deal less polarizing: it would be a hard thing to find fault with the cabin of the CLS.

The rear three-quarters view highlights the huge taillights and curved profile

The rear three-quarters view highlights the huge taillights and curved profile

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Comments (10)
  1. nothing much has changed... and thats good =D

  2. It's a great car, no doubt. The styling is in the eye of the beholder; I don't care for it, or the narrow windows, but that's just an opinion.
    That the screen doesn't respond to touch is silly, it takes my father in his Mercedes 10x as long to enter information as it does in my Ford.
    But, as always, the car is incredibly solid and well engineered, and probably one of the safest vehicles on the road...

  3. yea thats true Gus i know alo of people who hate it, and one guy who bought one for his wife but she literally got sick from driving it because f the slim windows haha. and this car on smaller wheels looks horrible!
    but i love it good to see merc taking a bit more risk on a design rather than the absolute boring designs like the e-class.
    theres alot to hate about this car but alot to absolutely love just depends on who is the buyer.

  4. I own one of the first MY2006 CLS 500 with the sports package and I absolutly love mine. It is not for everyone and thats why I love it! I like Mercedes and I'm attracted to their more unique offerings, I also have a G500 and it's another vehicle thats not for everyone it's not an SUV it's an in your face truck, it turns even more heads than my CLS but I LOVE them both.

  5. See, my wife totally loves the look of this car, it is swoopy and elegant in a way that other cars aren't. I think the Audis and E-class are better looking, but comparatively boring.

  6. i someone offered me 5 amg e-classes id rather take one cls. thats how much i love this car.haha.

  7. Come on dudes, this is a great car,, styleing opinions are best left to those who plunk down thier money. This car is a dream, its powerful yet completly refined. Its a wonderful drive. Forget the low windows,, you want to see low windows ,,ride in a dodge or chrysler. This mercedes is one of the best cars i have ever owned.. we get so many compliments , but the hell with that, we love driving this jewel.. Its easy to be critical of todays autos, but when you evaluate the price point, this car delivers.. plain and simple. Forget the stuffy review, the dude likely drives a Yugo.. thier style is timeless.!

  8. sweet car

  9. It's my first Mercedes. I liked the styling from the beginning and now in 2011 I own onw. It is a machine, functional and elegant at the same time. Mine is black on black and reminds me of diamonds with a midnight sun. I would have no other.

  10. Spend some time in the equisitively engineered machine and it just swallows you up. As an everyday car there are few that can compete with it.Drive it ten years from now and it still will be a joy to drive.Having owned many merc's they just deliver year after year and hold up better than any other German car I've owned. Must be the engineering.

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