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2008 Lexus IS F - Review


The Lexus IS-F is something of an oddball in Lexus' lineup. The company is working hard to get a more serious performance edge to its products, including launching its 'F-Sport' performance line of aftermarket parts, but the truth is few hardcore performance enthusiasts think Lexus when they want to go fast. There is undoubtedly ample justification for that sentiment elsewhere in the Lexus lineup, but when it comes to the IS-F, things are different.

This car has something almost no other Lexus I've ever driven has exhibited in any perceptible degree: personality. Far from the bland and obeisant cars found elsewhere in the lineup - even bearing the IS tag - the raucous and bawdy IS-F is the real black sheep of the flock.

Styling and Exterior
The IS-F is, in almost every aesthetic sense, a mildly hopped-up IS. An aggressive body kit, wide front air intakes and extractors behind the front wheel arches make up the major visual nods toward the 5.0L V8 that lives under the hood.

Inside, even fewer concessions to the car's high-performance nature have been made, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Eschewing the woody and often oddly leathery interiors found in the GS and LS range, the IS series features an almost skin-like rubber substance for its dash and interior, complemented appropriately by durable plastic and aluminum pieces. Far from seeming cheap, at least in my eye, the interior comes off as focused and driver-oriented - at first.

A particularly nice touch is the white carbon-fiber-look center console and door accent trim. The brightness really offsets the otherwise dark and mildly oppressive cabin, and the carbon-fiber treatment gives the car one more touch of performance-oriented flair.

The IS-F's steering wheel, complete with paddle shifters, is comfortable and offers good feedback

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Comments (6)
  1. This car was so disappointing... I drove it at SEMA and was shocked at how much the traction control dumbed the car down, honestly it was slower than my Civic EX. Also, inside the car, you can't hear the exhaust at all, LAME!

  2. Why compare this car with tunned 335i? Kills the review for me.

    How about we go even lower and tune nissan and save another 15G.

    And at the comment about this car being slower than EX. . .
    What's your daily driver ? 911 Turbo?
    Anything with 300HP+ plus is fast.

  3. I'm sure it's a technically proficient car, but it lacks soul, doesn't it?
    Excellent review, and I for one agree the 335 is a better car, if indeed for less money...

  4. Ivan - Drive this car for yourself and see how slow it is, it might as well be 200 HP, because it feels like it...

  5. Poorly done review. Almost seems like the author was biased against the IS-F even before he set out to "test" the car.
    The childish and shameful way in which he dares to talk up the 335i removes any doubt that this was not a serious review of a most excellent machine from Lexus.

  6. Wow. The author of this review is bias as hell. How is the IS-f Slow when it runs 12 seconds in the quarter mile. wtf. Lexus all

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