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Every new succession of the Porsche 911 has traditionally been more of an evolution of the previous model rather than a complete redesign, but to imagine that engineers could build a 911 Turbo better than the 996 version nearly seemed impossible. Not so, as Stuttgart’s finest have amazed us once again with a car that’s more powerful and faster than the previous 996, and every bit as usable. In fact, the new 997 Turbo’s most amazing feat is the confidence-inspiring levels of usability, which manages to flatter even the most average of drivers.

Styling and Interior



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Since its introduction in 1974, the 911 Turbo has always differed from the regular models beyond just a mechanical view point but also an aesthetic one. The latest model is no exception. An aggressive front bumper, muscular fenders and gaping air intakes are all trademarks of a classic Turbo model, while unique 19in alloys plus an adjustable rear spoiler that automatically rises at speeds in excess of 120km/h solidify the look of the new car. The interior remains much the same as the rest of the 911 fleet, apart from the ‘Turbo’ labelling, silver and LED highlights of the gauge cluster, and digital boost gauge integrated into the tacho.

For the rest of the interior, there’s not much difference between it and the base Carrera, which is already widely appreciated for its superb cabin and comfortable and supportive sports buckets. The seats themselves are a big leap over those of the previous 996, now featuring adjustable height and headrests, lumbar support, and a position memory function for the driver. Despite the Turbo’s sporting connotations accessories like automatic climate control, CD stereo and sat-nav remain and are located at the base of the center console.



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  1. all sounds good, except for the spoiler automatically rising at 120 km/h...dont want to make the highway patrols'job any easier than we have to do we?

  2. I've wondered about that ever since they started fitting them on Porsche's, but my buddy (who is a CHP officer) said he has never heard of anyone getting extra attention because the wing was up, let alone getting pulled over.
    Porsches get attention because they're Porsches...

  3. That is one sexy beast... I think I got a bit of a stiffy looking at those cornering pics with the wheels off the ground.

    Tell you what guys: if you each send me one dollar, when I buy my copy I promise to send you all pictures of me and the babes I pull. Eh? How 'bout it? Help a brother out!!!

  4. $


  5. Porsche just keeps amazing me! Now all I need to do is round up $125k and get myself one... Love this car! Amen to Porsche.

  6. I dont know about the US spec 911`s but my mates 911`s has a button on the centre console that extends the spoiler. It was put in for exact reasons posted above :)

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