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..."The only kick against this is that the back seet is not usable if the driver or front seat passenger are over 5 feet tall....."...

Volvo Junk
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: Very nice looking car. Cons: Seats are uncomfortable, No legroom in back seat.
At 100K eng light came on. with #3 misfire. Changed plugs, wires and coils and shot power wires with meter.
all checks but light will not go out. Spent almost $300 in troubleshooting to no avail.
At 120k ABS controller bad. at 160K ABS light on again. and Rack Pinnion bad. Overall: I wouldn't buy another Volvo if my life depended on it. Buy American Products...

Good looking sation wagon

..."Our 2009 V50 is a very good looking small station wagon, it has enough space for 5 people and a dog.It´s one of the safest cars on the road, the gas milage is fantastic, it´s a manual tranmission...

Good Enough to Buy Two

..."The 2009 T5 AWD is the second V50 T5 I have owned.
The first was a 2007 FWD. I have not had any reliability issues that I think are associated with the beginning of new model production.
The scandinavian design in and out set it apart from other wagons in this class.
I have been out of the SUV craze for 10 years now.
The car has interior or roof rack space to hold most items I need to get home (salvaged doors and columns, bbq grill, wine refrigerator for my business partner).
The AWD slows the car down a bit over the FWD. But the turbo is adequate for all legal...

So wonderful, I just bought my third !!!
Source: MSN Autos

...It starts like a champion, and even on super steep roads on 110 degree days it just keeps on going. The interior is very nice and comfortable. The audio system is sometimes a little fussy, but it is rare and not that big of a deal really. The back seats are a little small as with all our V50's but this one has the black meshy fabric, which is surprisingly great. It is cool and breathes well so your back doesn't get hot on long trips. And I quite appreciate the about 30 MPG i get on long trips. It only takes about 21 dollars to fill up and it gets me all the way to Chico, CA (a weekly commute)...

best car I've ever owned

..."We got the 2.4 engine and were very pleased with the performance despite the expert reviews saying the turbo was needed.
Not to say there isn't a huge difference between the two, but for ordinary driving the less powerful engine is fine.
The handling is a nice balance between tuned and still providing a nice ride. Great sound system."...

Nice ride but expensive to maintain with reliability issues
Source: MSN Autos

...Decent interior space and cargo capacity. Cons: I've owned this car for 6 years since new... be aware that maintenance costs are ridicously expensive, all original parts are made in Europe and cost 2-3 times more than the Japanese and American brands. I don't recommend after market parts for this car, don't perform that well. It's not the type of car you take to a Jiffy Lube for service, not everyone carries Volvo parts, even oil filter, transmission opil is hard to find and try to get a quote at the dealer, you won't be happy. Brake pads, rotors, tires wear off quickly and are very expensive...

Very Green
Source: CarGurus

...very economic (3.9 l per 100 kms); enviromentally friendly (emissions 100 grs/km); not a top performer but has enough uuumph to keep up with the traffic.
Scandinavian design in the interior. Not very big car for a family but enough space to be able to pack up some gear in the back...

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