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Source: Edmunds

...This car has plenty of power and feels very sporty. I love the exterior styling and the Volvo emphasis on safety. You will not be disappointed with this car at all. I chose the Leather, convenience package, Climate Package, Bi-Xenon headlights and 17" wheels. The seats are very comfortable even after having spent 3 hours in the car today. The only negative is the rear visibility. It is a bit smaller than what I am used to. With Volvo offering $1,850 cash back on the T5 model, it was an easy choice...

What's not to love!?

...At first I was attracted by how the car looked. Its comparable to BMW 325, but it costs much less. The gas mileage is great and it turns heads whereever I go. The only thing that is a negative is the key fob (because it does not have an old school key)ignition stopped working and I could not start my car. I had it towed to the nearest dealership and they reset it... at the toon of $650! Besides that i've had no other issues! If your looking for a fun and safe car, (it got me a good discount on insurance since im a female under the age of 25)get to the nearest dealership and get one! happy...

Fun to drive!
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...I'm loving my volvo! I've had it for almost a year and 3 STRANGERS have asked me if they can hop in the front seat while I was pumping gas!
What a car. It definitely turns heads and did I mention it was FUN TO DRIVE?!...

Sensible Sports car
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...I love my car! It handles the mountain canyon roads with assurance and enough power to make it fun.
As soon to be empty nesters, I was looking to downsize from my Suburban but still have a safe car and it had to be fun.
We had Volvos a long time ago but they were nothing like this car.
We also drove BMW Z- not for year round. Audi TT Coupe- no sunroof! Honda Accord 6cyl MT6 speed Coupe- also great car, fun but everyone has a Honda. We plan to do some autocross this spring...

Great car, great price
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...So far I love this car. It runs great and all the chicks dig it!
I love all the automatic features and love the styling.
It's my first European car and I must say, it blows my Honda Accord out of the water!
The power is nice, but the turbo is a little tricky... but I managed to hit some nice speeds on the highway. Overall, I hope this car maintains its value in the long run!...

Most Reliable Car I've Owned

..."this is a phenomenal car for the price this car is well worth it i'm looking at purchasing one next year and i am just shocked and awed at the performance,
the reliability, the gas mileage, the suspension I would recommend this vehicle to any bachelor or bachelorette"...

I highly recommend this car
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...I can't say enough good things about the Volvo S40 T5.
The vehicle is sporty and refined, delivering nimble handling and peppy acceleration in a sleek and comfortable package.
The interior design is as intuitive as it is impressive, with great looks, excellent control placement, and firm yet comfortable seats.
The trunk size is also fantastic for its class. For its performance, the fuel economy is exceptional.
I regularly get better than 35 mpg on true highway speeds, and I typically average around 25 mpg in the city.
City dwellers will particularly enjoy the size of...

S40 Review
Source: Edmunds

...The new S40 is in a class all on its own. Take my advice and definitely go for the T5 AWD, as the 2.4i is very unpowered, (a problem the T5 will never have).
The AWD option on a car of this type is outstanding, and is extremely useful. The new S40 is tons of fun to drive, especially if you like a firm and sporty type of suspension...

Must Have
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...Outside of its safety features that everyone knows about, this Volvo is an exciting, powerful, and beautiful vehicle that you have to see in person to truly appreciate.
You can pay alot more money for cars like the Audi A4, or the BMW 325i and not get anywhere near what this car offers.
Trust me when i say that this is the time to get into this car. if you wait to long the demand for them will rise and so will the cost. Get it while the getting is good...

First, & not my last, Volvo
Source: Edmunds

...Outstanding. The real benefit that isn't advertised with the Volvo Safety is with the new DTSC system, you don't HAVE accidents.
I drove this car on a Test Track in Germany for 8 hours under all conditions and couldn't spin it out in any circumstance.
It is incredible. This is my first AWD vehicle and it's handling in snow and ice is better than on dry pavement with my old rear wheel drive cars...

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