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Source: CarGurus

...border line luxury, but still a sporty feel, nicer than most things in its class,
performance is nice, looks amazing, sound system is awesome, volvo interior great as always, nice and simple yet gorgeous, sexy, just sexy, volvo for life...

Half of a great car

..."OK, my experiences have been driving 2 C30s as loaners those times that my V70 was in for repairs,
but all in all I have very mixed feelings because the C30 seems to be two contradictory vehicles in one...

One rockin' hatch
Source: Edmunds

...Great all-around car, exceptionally well-executed and excels at what it was designed to do -- turn heads!
Love the power even with the auto trans, especially the down-low torque, and all the electronic goodies (Dynamic audio, sat radio, iPod).
And oh, those Volvo seats! Incredibly comfortable on my 1-hr commute.
My wife and I both get lots of compliments on the car's appearance, especially the all-glass hatch.
I hate driving cars that everyone else has, and to date I've only seen two other C30s on the road.
Huge cache factor. Respectable gas mileage (23 mpg avg on a...

C30 A Cut Above the Rest
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: Fun ride, many Volvo safety features, sleek design inside and out,
not like every other car on the road, solidly built with great turbo power,
beautiful "floating" center console,R design includes special leather/T-tech upholstery,
cruise control, 6 months free Sirius radio, body kit,
plus upgraded trim inside and out, trip computer, steering wheel controls,
blue tooth integration,highly customizable, there is even an option for Overseas Delivery that includes free airfare to Sweden. Cons: no complaints here Overall: great stylish, safe and fun ride...

C30 - The FUN Volvo

..."I've owned my C30 T5 for about a year and LOVE it.
I was able to buy it used with only 7500 miles on it for a great price.
It has fast acceleration, handles well in city traffic, really moves on the highway, and makes a terrific vrrrrrrooom vrrrrooom sound when passing.
This is not my husband's staid S80 Volvo! It's more fun than I thought you could have driving a Volvo, yet it still has 4 seats, a very usable hatch area, and of course the Volvo safety features.
I'd definitely buy it again."...

The C30 Rocks

..."I just bought a 2009 C30 after considering the Mini and GTI.
The C30 is a much more elegant car and performance is great. It has a very solid, quiet ride. I haven't put enough miles on to calculate the MPG yet, but it does seem to suck down gas (guestimate is...

Love this car!
Source: Edmunds

...Will do the daily commute in style while still offering some great spirited driving when the whim strikes. Can work as a family care for small families. My kids love riding in it. Cargo is small, but 3 Staples copy paper boxes fit in a single layer with the seats up. Not huge space, but very usable. Width will allow a McLaren folding stroller to just fit. Great storage around the spare tire for all those things you should have like jumper cables and ice scrapers but don't need just floating around the car. Basically a well thought out little luxury car...

One Year There (almost)
Source: Edmunds

...I as replacing an 11yo Honda Civic with suspension upgrades that I *loved*. I did not think I could find a car to replace the Civvie. I really wanted an A4 Avant with manual (good luck finding one) but wound up x-shopping the A3, GTI, Mazda 3, Focus and Impreza. I have drove them all. The C30 was the best package for me. We have a two year old daughter but we also run a Mazda CX9. I only needed marginal utility. The C30 has just enough. (I recently took a road trip to hike the Grand Canyon. Three guys, full packs/gear.) The C30 is a superb touring car...

Volvo.....for life.
Source: MSN Autos

...!! Styling is great, everyone loves the look of the rear end. Quality, fit and finish are as good as any I've seen....including BMW. Probably the safest small car on the road. I have 6500 miles on it and have have an average fuel economy of 29.4 mpg with the 6 spd automatic trans. Cons: I can't think of a single thing.........and that is unusual for me. Overall: Just a great car for the money, high quality, great performance, comfortable ride and drive. Super safe for a small car, great gas mileage, excellent utility in the hatchback/wagon, fits a ton of groceries in the back...

Source: CarGurus

...It peppy, solid with heavy build and solid doors for excellent side-impact safety.
Gas mileage is good and it could be cheaper but you get what you pay for.
Its fun to drive and the 5-speed on the 2.4i is very smooth and easy to use.
Just wished it wasn't so buffered to give it that "luxury" feel. A little more growl would really set it off, but a lil aftermarket work could easy get that done...

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