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..."Within 2 weeks of purchasing my bug with 20k only, the airbag sensor light went on, so I took it to the dealer to have it fixed.
8 times. Headlights and brake lights burn out constantly at a cost of almost $100 to replace (half the car needs to be taken apart
!) The transmission shifts so harsh I thought I was ruining it each time I drove it, and my ignition switch went bad at 40k.
I finally sold it at 43k 1 year after buying it having brought it to the shop 16 times!
The first one I owned was while I was young and naive (hence why I bought one again) was a 1998 and had...

Seems like it's falling apart...=0(
Source: Edmunds

...I love my Beetle, HOWEVER little things keep breaking.
Cosmeticly inside the plastic materials used were just cheap...
the visor mirror cover broke off completely so now the visor light is always on,
the hande to the glove box completely broke off, can not access glove box, pieces of plasitc from the drink holders have chipped out, even in the backseat which is rarely used.
The CD player stopped working, the sensor inside the drivers side door is on the fritz, I have to unlock the car door, then press lock on the remote to lock the door.
When it rains, the trunk will...

A head turner!

..."This is a sharp looking (by that I mean cute) car that stands out in the crowd! Very stylish & handles great."...

Source: Edmunds was handled down to me..i hated it at first because i felt like i was driving in a BUBBLE and it was not air resistance.(everytime driving on the highway i felt like i was going to be blown away with the wind)..ANYWHO i came to love the bug cuz it started to become fun until one day i lost control on the highway and crash!!!! (accident not my fault) ohh and did i mention SO MANY DAM PROBLEMSSS!!!! ughhhh so yah i dontthink ill buy another beetle again..and coming from a future car designer this is is good..reliability...not so good...

I love my bug!

..."I just went over the 100,000 mile mark and have had no problems with this car.
It is dependable and gets great gas mileage. I would definitely recommend a 2000 VW beetle if you are looking for a used car."...

best car i have ever owned

..."when buying a car you wanted to look for what gets the best gas mileage and also something you like.
i found that in the 2000 Volkswagen beetle. its not only a head turning car. its also good on gas. after driving this car, i would never go back to driving a American made car."...

Perfect For First Year Drivers!!!

..."I chose this car to be my first car. It was perfect for me, it was petite just like me and had a lot of attitude.
I absolutely love my bug and i think that if you want to be unique and stand out then it just may be the car you're looking for."...

Engine Troubles, but the rest I liked

..."I own a 2000 New Beetle and it's been a thrill. Good gas mileage and easy to service.
However, the model didn't come with a CD Player option and the engine has been a bear of a pricetag to keep maintained...

Fun Car to Drive
Source: Edmunds

...For starters folks, if your looking at a used Beetle be prepared to put a little time and money into it.
I have found so many things that the first 2 owners never took care of it's crazy.
My Beetle has 90,000 miles on it and it's never had the cabin filter changed, the plugs and wires where still O.E., the fuel filter had never been replaced.
I don't blame the car for these issues I blame the previous owners for not taking good care of the car. Since changing out the items mentioned I average 28 mpg in town and 33-34 mpg on the highway...

Fun car but its falling apart
Source: Edmunds

...I bought this car brand new and it was a fun car to drive.
I love this car and still love this car but random parts of the car started falling off like the interior door handle, the window regulator, pretty much every plastic piece.
my head lights burn every 3000 miles and my rear passenger side fixed window fell off on the freeway. The radio went out and the defroster doesn't work well. I a little electrical issues...

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