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Nice Car Cheap Parts
Source: Edmunds

...I purchased the car used with 50k on it with 1000 3 windows didnt work nor did the sunroof.
the molding outside is falling off the car and the wipers do their own thing besides the $1500 in perforance parts i added to make the car actualy move it is not a suggested car...

Best Car I Knowed

..."Stock this car was amazing. But the modification options are amazing.
There are so many options with this vehicle. I really enjoyed the power the vehicle offered stock and modded.
Stock this car gave me excellent gas miles and modded to.
Cant really complain about anything. Just make sure if you buy used you make sure timing and pump has been done. It should be done around 80k-120k and again at 165k-174k."...

1998 Jetta Gt
Source: Edmunds

...This is a great little car that is extremley fun to drive.
Nice exterior styling with Gt upgrades- tinted rear lights, spoiler, alloys silver racing dials.
Very, Very safe car. I've been in 2 head on collisions with this car at speeds over 60 km/hr and have walked out of those accidents with a couple bruises.
The car goes nice on the highway and the fuel efficiency is fabulous...

Needs more HP
Source: Edmunds

...I had previously owned a '85 Jetta. I loved that car so I thought I would get another Jetta.
The interior layout and style is great as well. The major problem I had with this car is the lack of power.
Even with a 5 speed, it seemed to take forever to get it moving.
Don't even think of shifting at 3K RPMs, wait it out until 4K and you will be a bit happier.
The other problems I had in the 2 years I owned it: 2 window motor controllers failed, factory volume knob does not respond properly, and a desperately needed tune up.
When it would rain or just plain humid, the car...

2009 Jetta TDI improved and unimproved
Source: Edmunds

...My 09 Jetta TDI has comfort and speed. There are key flaws: engine stalls frequently at low rpm,
unlike the more robust 98 TDI; brakes ice over in snow make for a choppy first stop;
electric motor fan noise is so loud can't ride with windows down in summer;
cab fogs up bad circulation; engine annoying whistle when it is turned off;
fuel gage lies half full means 2/3 empty; radio is only tuned for hip-hop missing freqs for classical and rock;
radio has no amp for ipod sucks ipod battery dry; ipod connection has no shielding thus feedback noise is bad...

Comfort +/Everything Else-

..."I purchased this care 1 year old. I currently own the same vehicle.The only good thing that I can say about this car is the comfort/visibility.
Everything else is just no good. The car is reliable, if by reliable you mean it will always start.
I had window motors fail, suspension fail, power roof fail, trim fall off, fog lights fall off, antenna completely dry rot, a/c fail (more than once), and the radio is screwed up."...

Good car overall
Source: Edmunds

...My Jetta has been very reliable and a good daily driver since I bought it.
The car has decent power once revved up. Engine space is large and easy to work in (ie oil changes, filters, fluids, etc.).
The gearbox on my 5spd is somwehat stiff, moreso than other VWs I've driven.
Seats are comfortable around town, but less so on long drives.
The passenger seat sits too high (I'm 6'2" and my head hits the ceiling unless I slump down).
Ergonomics are excellent inside. The tiny cupholders and lack of a center armrest are a bummer (but have changed with the newer Jetta)...

Source: Edmunds

...Dependable, solid sedan that is both fun to drive yet feels safe compact...

Just a fun little car!
Source: Edmunds

...This '98 Jetta is my first ever car. As I purchased this vehicle "late in life", and did not drive at all until a year ago, I don't have anything to compare this car to.
BUT, it is fun to drive and definitely has a lot of pep.
Not the best on gas mileage, but then I don't drive to work, and mine does have 6 cylinders (Vroom-vroom
!). Parts can be pricy, so it's good that VW's have a good reliability rating.
I bought this car used and had I done more research, would have preferred a new (w/warranty) car. A good, solid (and well-sealed) car...

Cute but not worth it . . .
Source: Edmunds

...I bought my 1998 Jetta as my first brand new car. There are lights in my dash that NEVER worked,
the key didn't work at first, I have a lot of rollback even though I drive an automative,
I have had successive tire blowouts due to a now recalled part,
the car was stuck in park for a week until it was finally fixed,
the alarm tends to short out, I have had TWO electrical FIRES from "closing the door too many times" and have had other parts of my car fall apart from the day the warranty ended.
Yes Jettas drive great and have lots of great features, but you will pay in...

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