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Underappreciated wheels
Source: MSN Autos

...In general, this is not a quiet car. They could have done better with the sound deadening materials. Fairly quiet on normal roads, but boy does it hum if you hit even moderately coarse pavement. could use a little extra rear leg room. Overall: Really like this car, despite some quirks and minor gripes. This combination of mileage, space, features and price cannot be had anywhere in any vehicle. Prius for the same price would certainly not have leather and heated seats or premium wheels. it also wouldn't have the handling and doesn't offer a manual (lame). Also, if you don't require AWD (and...

Excellent Car
Source: Edmunds

...I bought a 2010 Jetta Sportwagen Diesel with 6 speed Std.
Transmission in Nov. 2009. I was looking for a vehicle that a) Good for carrying a bicycle (my hobby) b) Good fuel economy c) Fun to drive.
This car is very good on all counts and no problems so far...

1996 Honda Civic LX

..."This has been an extremely reliable car for the past 145,000 miles.
The only problem has been with the main wiring harness cracking and the power door locks and windows don't work in the back seat.
It consistenly gives me 33MPG+ on trips at 70MPH+ has had 5000 mile oil changes and doesn't burn a drop of oil between changes.
I'd buy another, but want a Jetta Sportwagen TDI for the back seat room and fuel mileage difference."...

Jetta TDI #1 ?!
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: 50mpg at 75mph on interstate. 14 hours behind the wheel and seats still comfortable.
Cons: Back seat too small and cup holders not in best place.
Really the only things I have found that I would change. Overall: Great safety features for this level of car, ie air bags everywhere. Good handling, economical, no problems first 10,000 miles...

Im lovin' it
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: What you have come to expect from German engineering at a not-so-german price.
Tight, well fitting car. good handling. the power and mileage are great.
super features, 6 disc changer, Ipod adapter, built-it bluetooth.
I could go on forever!! Cons: slight turbo lag. Overall: I love this car!
smooth and refined. Enough cool features to bring out my inner geek. mileage is WAY better than my Nissan Quest. all in all I would buy this car again in a heartbeat...

My TDI Jetta
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: Powerful diesel, good handling even in heavy rain, great miles per gallon, navigation, rear wiper.
Cons: no all wheel drive,front seats not that comfortable for me, inside of front seats are cloth, no garage opener link,rear side airbags should be standard.
Overall: I would recommend this car to anyone, 40+ miles per gallon on highway and that's going 65 to 75 mph, and engine is not even fully broken in, a lot of room in the back with back seat down...

No buyers remorse with this one.
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: Great ride, powerful, comfortable,and roomy.I'm super impressed with my new Jetta sportwagon.
Lot of car for the money. Cons: Tight VW suspension can be a bit rough on potholed New England side streets. Overall: I am very pleased with my new TDI wagon. Great performance, comfort, and design...

Fantastic Car - Great Low End Torque Thats Comparable To Gti
Source: CarGurus

...Fantastic fuel economy, can easily get 42 mpg on road trips ie 500 miles for a small top up of 12 gals.
Very nippy in the city, its quick off the mark due to the high torque figures at low rev, it will fly off at the traffic light.
Feels much faster than the 8+ secs for 0-60mph listed on the specs.
Kids love the giant moonroof, one of the biggest out there.
Good size boot space, can take in a stroller and kids bicycles with no problems.
Extremely good 10 speaker sound system, probably a notch below to the Dynaudio or new Fender sound systems. Bonus - It can play music...

Great Car!

..."We've had our 2010 Sportwagen out to CA once and down to FL twice from NC and it's a great road car.
It seems the mpg goes up with higher average speed.
We've averaged 47 highway mpg while getting a reliable 40+ around town.
The car has been totally reliable at this point and we love it.
I'd like to see a little quicker turn-in but our last car was a 3 series BMW with the Sport Package so maybe I'm being a little tough on the VW.
Overall, we think the Jetta Sportwagen is a great car for the money."...

Fun plus fuel efficient
Source: Edmunds

...Purchased a manual transmission tdi wagon in late august.
Have owned a diesel rabbit back in the 70's, since then nothing but hondas and volvos.
Vw has hit a home run with the jetta sportwagen. Fun to drive, great gearing, 40+ mpg since day one.
Decided to purchase when vw finally had incentives on the diesel (1.9%) plus the tax credit.
Hope it lasts like my hondas and volvos. So far no complaints, and pleasure to drive. Looking forward to how it handles snow this winter...

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