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Fun All Around Car
Source: Edmunds

...The 2003 Volkswagen GTI is a great little car. I've had it for two years now and I still love it. The power is amazing for such a small car and the attention it draws is great...

Good german engineering

...My first was a four door golf 1.8t. This car was a fun car to drive and very comfortable. Also they are very safe. I totalled the golf into a stone wall when i hit it at over 100 mph while racing. the car rolled in mid air and landed on all four tires again. Me and 2 other walked away from this accident unharmed. it was absoutly crazy how well the car held up in the accident. That is exactly why i bought one as my next car. they are safe cars. I thank all the VW Engineers out there for manufacturing and designing such a safe and well rounded vehicle."...

Source: Edmunds

...M....I`m Happy with this car...

2003 Jazz Blue Gti 20AE Review
Source: Edmunds

...From the moment you unlock the door til the time you lock it after returning EVERYTHING about this car makes the road a much more enjoyable place to be.
The seats cradle you and hold you when the 1.8T engine forces G's at you.
The Sleek design of the interior is just perfection. I really think this could contend for one of the best cars created. This car is a definate way to celebrate the 20th birthday of an amazing car...

Decent for the price
Source: Edmunds

...Good price on my VR6. Unlike the turbo (which I also owned) broad power range and decent torque.
However, handling is pretty sloppy stock, with poor understeer.
Suspension roll is also fairly iffy, and the stick linkage is loose/imprecise.
Number one performance problem with GTIs is WEIGHT.
They weigh too much for their size, and too much weight in the front.
Just being realistic folks. That said, for the price it's a good performer, and it's the only performer of its class hatchback wise...

VW Reliability
Source: Edmunds

...Since my last review...the ignition coil has gone bad (while I was driving it)...and Today,
after driving to a couple of places (running errands) my terrific and reliable (sarcasm) GTI decides it doesn't want to car is stranded, blocking traffic!
I have VW roadside assistance come out...they give me a jump and also state that the battery is just fine...turn off the car and guess what? It doesn't want to start again
!!!! The clock defaults back to 1200/the trip mileage
counter sets back to zero...I am guessing it's an electrical problem...have to wait until...

Love My GTI
Source: Edmunds

...Bought the car in September and absolutely love it. It's fun to drive and has plenty of power. Have 5,000 miles so far and no problems whatsoever. Would highly recommend to anyone...

Source: Edmunds

...I love this car until it starting sputtering and would not start after warmed up.
VW flew tech in from Auburn Hills, and could not figure out how to fix it.
They said it was computer "mapping" problem. Engine would stall and sputter, then die. FInally, VW repurchased the car from me with 5500 miles on it after 4 months of headache...

Fun to drive, but costly to maintain.
Source: Edmunds

...I would never think of getting any car other than GTI, but the reliability of this vehicle is a nightmare.
Expect to spend at least 1000$ a year when your warranty is up.
The last thing was emission system failure that costed me another 400 bucks.
My wife drives a Lexus and I never spent a single dollar on that car despite it's twice older than my GTI. Now I don't believe any more in "German engineering"...

Awesome Vehicle
Source: Edmunds

...This vehicle is awesome, I have driven it almost 60,000 miles and have had very few problems.
I have had gas mileage up to 30 mpg, but average 20 mpg.
I now live in Germany and this car is a blast to drive on the Autobahn. The only problem I have had was recent and that was the water pump going out. It wasn't bad to replace...

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