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My Putt Putt car
Source: Edmunds

...I really do love this car. I can't help but smile when the top is down! I call it my putt-putt car because this is the kind of car you just want to cruise around in...

Cabrio goes!

..."Have owned '01 for six years; one-owner previous. Only work needed is AC unit; repaired not replaced.
Bought to supplement two motorcycles on trips w/out rain/heat/cold/etc.
Have cruised the plains to the sea and points in between.
Love the ease of roof raise/lower. Heated seats keep butt warm on cold days w/roof down. Five speed shift gives enough 'sport car' effect to make this ol' guy happy. 25/39 mpg!!!!"...

I really thought this car was the one
Source: Edmunds

...I read many reviews on this car before buying. Here's what I didn't know.
CHEAP, cheap interior. Cloth seats really show dirt.
Interior peeling. Power windows fixed 3 times. AXEL broke at 4 years 54K miles.
Plastic parts break for no reason. One Check Engine problem to be fixed at 4 years.
VW Wheel logo dealys FELL Off. Looks rediculous but to replace is $80 each! No decent cup holder for the driver. Console shows dirt and doesn't clean well...

Wonderful when running
Source: Edmunds

...Good seats. Initial quality of VW is impressive but reliability has been disappointing.
I recently sent VW a problem list 1)Engine revs high on start 2)Gas gauge only goes to 5/8 3) Door handle peels 4)Loud exhaust;
1 dlr suggested we replace all due to rust through 5) Window malfunctioned 6) Chk eng light comes on freq 7) Coolant light started to blink.
Although just out of warranty (26K), VW fixed most except exhaust and handle. Other than reliability - fantastic car for the money...

Don't believe the VW hype
Source: Edmunds

...This car is a money pit. Get ready to pay. The door handles,
the mass airflow sensor (a ten year part), the catalytic converter, handle from the glove box, 3 mufflers, heated mirrors and the entire exhaust system went and had to be replaced.
The windows go up and down at will, the "dealer disabled" security system locks itself at will like when I am driving,
which sets off the alarm, the check engine light comes on constantly and my mechanic shudders when he seems me coming...

Fun car that is reliable and very inexpensive

..."Bought it used with very low mileage drove it 5 years and 80000mls and never had any bigger problem with it.
The maintanance is very affordable. Very small turning radius and the trunk is huge for such a small car."...

Not Happy
Source: Edmunds

...I made the mistake of not purchasing the extended warranty and it has cost me at least $6,000 to repair my car in the 6 years I have owned it.
The mass airflow sensor has gone twice, I've had problems with the doors,
windows, pistons in the convertible roof, and I have just had to pay $1,500 for a leak detection pump, serpentine belt and starter coil.
Each time the dealer has to run a diagnostic, it costs another $94.
Although I really like the car, if I had known how much it would cost to repair at the time I purchased it, I would not have made the same decision...

The Car I always wanted
Source: Edmunds

...I love this little car. I have an hour commute to work and it makes it fun. Evertime I see it makes me smile...

A few annoying things
Source: Edmunds

...This is a great car, with a few caveats: The steering wheel does not telescope, which is terrible if you're tall (which I am).
The seat goes back so far I can't touch the pedals, but the steering wheel can't compensate, so it's useless.
(Incidentally, it says in the manual that the steering wheel telescopes, but it does not.) Also, the front cupholders are useless.
NOTHING fits in them except for a can of soda. Otherwise, it's a great car, but I'm trading mine in soon. I can't get comfortable in it...

Is this car a lemon?
Source: Edmunds

...I've had this car for two years and already have had to replace the transmission,
various electrical issues/lights appear such as radio, air bag light, transmission light even the alarm went off while I was driving it!
My passenger side window keeps having issues, and the interior is falling apart (already had both interior door handles replaced) - always been a vw driver,
only has 22,000 miles and it is back in the shop - with a 4 year lease what do I do except continue in this never ending love/hate relationship with this car...

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