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Like a Regular Car, Only Better...
Source: MSN Autos

...!], so you have to either honk at them or just wait for them to notice you. Non-technological people may feel overwhelmed at first, but your dealer should be able to answer any questions you may have. Overall: I love this car. It's my dream car, and has been since they first appeared on the market. I'm 16 [it's not exclusively mine] and all of my friends love it. It's a "cool" car that gets you around with minimal emissions. It looks sleak, it drives well, and you'll probably find that you can have a lot of fun driving it. It's not just for the stereotypical treehugger-type [like myself];...

better mileage than a Prius

..."Take off in third gear, accerlate to 60 and into fifth for impressing the locals.
Because this car is a car for subdued luxury but profound impressiveness.With the lack of off the stop get up most cars have.
The combination of style and effencies that this car owns can only be the way of the future, discribed by early twenthy-century auto-inventors, "Does what a car Should Do
.",between stop lights and on-rampsprefroms like a ....."...

Greatest mid sized hatch back
Source: MSN Autos

...Tthe Prius has a lower drag coefficient than the present day Vette, so I'll but up with it's quirky appearance. A lot of people say it has no power, but I have no problem going across the PA turnpike at 75 mph even taking some stiff hills on the eastern end without losing 1 MPH. The CVT handles this well. Cons: I've been used to more power, (I used to have big block V 8's like a 440 6pak, 455 TransAm, and most recently, a '04 GTO with the LS-1 engine). I miss that sometimes, but the gasoline bill has plummeted. The appearance bugs me sometimes. Handling is a bit shaky around curves on wet...

My Favourite Car
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: I love this vehicle! I wish I had bought one years ago.
Cons: I wish it had a bit more cargo space. Overall: I'm sure everybody has seen those license plates that say "I'd rather be fishing" or "I'd rather be golfing".
Well, I love driving this car! I never had so much fun driving a car, especially in the city...

great reliability and roomy

..."Purchased this car 1 year ago and has been very reliable.
I get around 48MPG on this vehicle using the A/C and heat occasionally.
There is alot of interior room with the rear seats folded down.
I was able to put a 50 gallon water heater in the back when I needed to replace ours at our home. I was sold....thought I was going to need a truck."...

Car as been excellent. best car I've Owned

..."2004 Prius Car as been excellent. best car I've Owned. Just order a 2007 Prius. And I do get 60 miles to the gallon in town."...

Best Decision Ever

..."As our weather gets warmer in northern Michigan my Toyota Prius gets better gas mileage.
I have a 40 mile commute one way. Because it is mostly highway driving (about 55-60 mph) I wasn't sure I would see great gas mileage.
But I'm getting 54 mpg. Can't wait to see the kind of mileage I get in the summer months."...

Get your Prius now!
Source: MSN Autos

...I like the seats but my husband says that the driver's seat could be longer. Many great features: AC is powerful, braking and acceleration great, ride smooth. I like the security airbags all around - this is a safe and solid vehicle. Cons: Cons: after long trips, the finish has many little holes near the front bottom of the car. These are caused by small stones flying up from the pavement. I repair these after each long trip with special Toyota paint - but I think that the finish could be stronger. Overall: Great car - special. Buy it...

The ultimate gas saver!
Source: MSN Autos

...Cons: Price can be a little high and the option packages can get very expensive b/c you can't add items individually, you must select a package that may include options that you don't want. It would be nice to have power seats as an option. *It would be nice to have a "chill-zone" option like the Dodge Caliber b/c the glove box is large enough to incorporate this already!* Overall: Love the car: its very roomy and comfortable to ride in. It will be a great family car in the future when we have little ones (the back seat access is really good). The gas mileage is amazing, I've gotten 53.5 mpg...

The Very Best Car Available
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: I love the way it drives, sounds, looks. I want to drive it on a long trip just so I can relish driving it.
Cons: There is nothing that I dislike about this car.
Overall: The fuel economy and the lack of production of pollutants is one of the best features. I am getting 42-45 mpg city driving. For me there are no bad features...

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