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Toyota + 0% Financing = WOOHOO!!!

..."The ride alone sold me - floats along like a dream! Would prefer a V6 but for the gas mileage its fair."...

Adequate not special

...Not much comfort for more than four passengers. In fact, even the front seats are only OK - certainly not a joy to ride. Definitely not a quiet car - road noise, bounce, engine noise are all high. Does not handle particularly well - in fairness, what do you expect from an SUV. Gas mileage disappointing - a little below the rated numbers in my experience, which aren't very impressive to start with. Radio and sound good. Fit and finish good. No blind spots a big plus. Gets through tough snow on hill with AWD. All in all it goes forward and backward and keeps you dry and warm. But, I can't...

took a gamble - it paid off

..."After my wife survived her 2006 Highlander being totaled by a 17 yr old turning in front of her, we went searching for an equivalent with a few more features.
Thought a new 2010 Highlander would do the trick - but the price was 35% more than what we had paid new.
Then looked at online ads of 1-2 yr old Lexus RX350's - and found a 20k mile car that is more luxurious,
built on the same platform as her Highlander, has much more comfortable seating with almost the same interior layout,
more power, and is just nicer all around - for about the same money we paid for her...

2010 Toyota Highlander

..."I recently purchased a brand new 2010 Toyota Highlander, fully equipped including tow package.
Although only having driven it about 3000 miles, mostly long trips, I am totally in love with this vehicle.
Handling and ride smoothness is exceptional. When you need engine power for passing, etc., it is certainly there.
Dash controls are very easy. Keyless system is superb.
Fuel consumption is averaging almost 21 MPG, which on long trips I was hoping for 23, but this is acceptable.
Rear seats are very roomy and rear cargo space is very good. NO brake issues, NO floor mat...

reliable car

..."higlander is the best suv in 3.0.cosume less gas then honda and trailblazer.great view and comforts,"...

Nice ride

..."So far so good, 58000 miles in 1.5 years. No problems at all. Very reliable, hope it stays this way for a long time."...

Love this Highlander

..."We love our Highlander. Toured across the country in it, pulling a small camper.
The handling and performance were excellent even with the camper in tow.
After 10,000 we loved it even more. Comfortable, clean,
feels great to drive, and best of all, it doesn't feel like a klunky SUV - it feels like driving a nice car (but to be honest, no, not a sports car).
Great ride, great handling. AWESOME reliability - never a problem in 5 years."...

Solid, safe, AWD vehicle

..."Toyota has fixed all the bugs out of the 3.5L avalon/camry/sienna/rav4/highlander engine (metal oil lines, etc).
AWD system great in CO snow and relatively simply mechanical design means less maintenance for the long haul.
VSC system phenomenal. Tows more than most crossover SUV's at 5000 pounds (more than larger Pilot).
20.5 mi/gal while "hypermiling" combined mileage...
otherwise 19.5 combined with a light foot. Lots of interior room but hard plastics on interior. I would recommend any Highlander to a friend... EXCEPT a "one-owner" RENTAL CAR."...

Best Car Ever! Even after 10+ yrs

..."I have never owned a car for more than 5 years until I purchased this 2001 Toyota Highlander
!!! It has been 10+ yrs and I love it as much as I did when I bought it.
My husband wants to buy me a new one, but I love this one so much, I can't bear to part with it
!!After 5 yrs or so we had one minor problem, an oil leak behind the transmission, other than that we have just kept up with the maintenance
!! No problems, Can you imagine that??Would totally recommend this as a used car if you can find one that has been cared for.
One last note, the only reason I gave the...

Great SUV

..."Love the Highlander. We got the base model 4wd, and don't feel like we're missing out on GPS and fancy rims.
Only drawback to the Highlander is poor city MPG. It does fine on the highways, but I'm getting about 12 MPG in the city. For me, my wife, infant, and 90lb poodle, it's the perfect size."...

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