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Reliable and economical

..."We bought our car used. The only problems we've had were at 145,000 miles when we had to replace the alternator, and just now, at 149,000, when the front hood latch broke.
We don't feel very protected in the car and it's horrible for our child's seat.
At highway speeds it's a little noisy. But it's extremely reliable and durable, and it's great in the city -- it can squeeze in any spot. Not really a family car but great for singles and couples."...

Powerful, Attractive and Efficient Car!
Source: MSN Autos

...I like the illumination of the dashboard and the lighted buttons on the doors. This car fits me and my personality. Cons: This is minor. Black seats pick up lint and stuff easily especially if you have kids like I do. Overall: I first traded my '95 Accord V6 for an '05 Toyota Corolla thinking I wanted something different than a Honda for once (owned three previously). That was a big mistake. After owning the Corolla for 3 months,I traded it in for the Accord I am driving. This Accord is as fast or faster than my old V6 was (I was going for the new V6 but the test drive of the 4 cylinder...

Very Reliable Car

..."Its great on gas and a great car for students who drive, very reliable.
Never had problems with it. It will last for another 12 years or more depending on on time maintainence. The A/C is very cold."...

Nothing to fix until 65,000 miles

..."This car is not only the most reliable car on the road, it runs forever!
With all recommended maintenance, my Corolla LE didn't need anything done to it until I hit 65,000 miles. And then it was just a new little plastic air vent in the front."...

Most Reliable Car I've Owned

..."My first car and its awsome, reliable as can be, cheap to buy and own, plenty of used parts available everywhere."...

Never needed a major repair in 14 years.

...The heat and air conditioner produce the correct temperature air quickly. The cloth upholstery has been very durable; it looks the same as the day I bought the car. At, 90,000 miles I feel the car has many more years to go. General Motors and Toyota produced this car together. It is the same car as the Toyota Corolla, yet if the Geo ever needed to be fixed it would be less expensive to repair than the Corolla I believe. Also, the power window is a hard top unlike today's cars which tend to be glass. Plus the outside door to the gas cap locks and can only be opened from the inside, unlike many...

Most Reliable Car I've owned

..."This car has been a godsend, we're a young couple who share a car.
Without a lot of money and both of us working full time and going to school fulltime we needed a car that would be reliable,
carry alot if needed, be part truck and part camper; we found it in the Carrola DX wagon with it's 1.8 liter efi engine it is the most reliable (mechanically speaking) car I've owned.
Cheap to mantain, and easy to work on. Complaint would be this is not a car for tall people and it's a little uncommfortable on long journeys 8hrs +."...

A very reliable car

..."I have had a 92 corolla for 5 years and it works great. I have had little work needed done on it and it still runs like new."...

extremely relible with few problems

..."I have had this car since it was 1 1/2 years old and it gave me very little problems, It is very relialiable and I wouls recommend it to anyone."...

Piece O' Junk

...It took less than an two hours to see the road on both sides and the car didn't have power mirrors. Plus the car rattled like it was ten years old. All of these started happening well within a month of buying the car brand new. We hated the car immensely and resented the payments. However, it got better. A barely 15 year old unlicensed kid tried to beat us across the road and failed, so we T boned him at a skidding 40-50 mph leaving a clear imprint of his back tire in the midddle of the front bumper of the Corolla. The air bags deployed and all five of us walked away and the hated little...

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