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Good reliable transportation

..."I have owned a 1993, 1994, and a 1996 Camry. All of these just keep going and going.
The 1993 was sold with 238,000 miles for $500, and it still ran and shifted great.
The '94 was totaled at 193,000 miles, and my current one, the '96 is still a baby @ 127,000 miles. It will probably outlast me!"...

Great Car Value
Source: MSN Autos

...Even my 2001 Camry had the outside temperature so have no clue why the EX would be without. These are minor points for me but still, there could be improvements here. Overall: Compared to the 2011 Camry SE and 2010 Altima S this car drivers much nicer and has a good sport sedan ride. The interier of the Altima seemed cheap compared with either the Accord and Camry although I though it looked the best. The Camry was okay but I did not like the plastic body moldings of the SE nor did I want to pay nearly $2000 more for the Camry. I'm happy so far as I've been getting over 25 MPG versus around...

Took a licking and kept on ticking

..."My DX is over 20 years old with 225,000 miles and counting and still runs great.
It has a small oil leak, a rust problem and "battle damage" from hitting a concrete median during an ice storm but continues to provide reliable transportation.
Toyota was obviously focussed on quality in 1990"...

Not the best car I've owned

...but this is my first Toyota, and it is 13 years old after all, but I heard such great things about Toyota's reliability that I am a little surprised about this one. It leaks oil, and it stalls at a stop on average of 5 or 6 times per week. The only way to prevent it from stalling is to keep giving it gas as you come to a stop. It isn't too high in miles, only 122,000. I will not judge all Toyota's on this one, because again, I did hear a lot of good things about them. So this car did not turn me away from Toyota forever. But I've had Hyundai's with high miles that were better than this Camry...

They CAN BE great Cars!!

...a car with a common color..i have a skyblue camry which is what made me fall in love with it but with my handle broken it is nearly impossible to find another one.. Ive had to replace the driverside window motor another comon problem and my passigner side window just fell off track the other day.. The headlights are weak...but when it comes to the engine it is great... The engine in this car is one of the very few older engines where if the timing belt breaks it wont mess up the whole engine all you have to do is replace it which is what happened to me at 113,000 miles.. So over all ive had...

Honda has outdone themselves!
Source: MSN Autos

...Also, the turn signal and windshield wiper controls are not illuminated when the lights are turned on, making it difficult to see them at night. But, like i said, this is me being picky and trying to find something. Overall: The car is amazing and i find myself looking for excuses to drive it. One more thing i wanted to mention is the gas consumption, which is pretty impressive for a 4 cyl that gets 190 hp. So far i am averaging about 23-25 mpg with mostly city driving, and i've been pushing this car really hard. Also, regarding the rear brake pads, i spoke to someone who told me to switch...

200,000 plus and still reliable and comfortable

..."To date the only thing that has failed has been the antenna drive (twice).
The 1994 4-cylinder Camry was judged by Click and Clack on air to be the best 10 year old car to buy back in 2004.
I wish the mileage was better, but maybe its time for a Prius. On the other hand, considering all I do is change all the fluids and the oil regularly I can't really complain."...

More bang for the buck

..."Its' like a new car !With only 86K miles when bought and garage kept,
the interior was nearly new and with Camry reliability,
what else is needed ?OK, I had to put $1,200 into replacing parts BUT, I can see this car going another 100,000 miles with only little repairs and maint.
On top of this - they no longer make a this body type since '96, so this gives it a rare image look to it as I drive around."...

Great Car!

..."We have owned our 99 Camry for 10 years.Only changed battery, tires, oil. At259,000 miles transmission went out.Am looking for another. Best car wehave ever owned."...

Raliability at its best

..."I deliver pizza with my 96 and have since put 60,000 miles on it in 2 years.
It still runs like a top! Maintenance is very easy with this vehicle as I am a DIY type of guy.
This car is so easy that I've been able to do brake fluid flushes,
transmission flushes, oil changes, radiator changes, brake changes, wheel bearing changes, minor suspension changes, and I'll be doing more when the time comes!
Mind you, I've had zero mechanical training from any type of school. I get around 27 MPG (strictly highway miles). Best car I've ever owned (next to a brand new 2007 Yaris I...

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