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Solid family car!
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...Ford Taurus', Buicks, German models such as Mercedes and BMW, Chrysler products etc. This is an area that none of the consumer groups rate the car! I think this is a very important issue in rating a car! Sad that GM quit making it! Cons: The fact that dents are easily inflicted on it! Overall: If this lasts as long as my Toyota Camry without any major work needed on it, I would classify it right up there with the Toyota Camry! My Camry went 330,000 miles before I gave it to my son for a third car. They still have it three years later!...

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...Pros: buy Cons: too old Overall: camry...

My kind of car
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...Pros: Ride is very nice. Repairs have been normal maintence.
I love the color white. Handles very well. I worked on top of a mountain and it never let me down in snow,rain, ice and my a.c.
kept me cool in summer. Cons: There is no protection around windows and in winter they froze and getting in car was really a hassle.
Overall: I doubt I would buy another chevy. since they discontinued the car. I feel I would look a Toyota Camry. My corsica is that good...

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...Pros: comfort, no major maintenance problems [even at 88k mi.], breaking, handling, great stereo, smooth ride.
Cons: looks way too much like a camry, brake lights keep going out [some sort of electrical problem], id expect a few more gadgets for that price.
Overall: bought it brand new, my first lexus and definately would buy another...

No Rust , Original Paint still shiny ....
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...Pros: Mostly everything !!! Cons: The one thing I don't like about this vehicle is the A/C.
I've had frequent problems, and had to fix it about 5 times.
Overall: Overall, I think Accords are good cars and they will always lead in safety, quality and value and their styling will always be better than Camry and its other competitors...

Vigor us......
Source: MSN Autos

...By far, the best exterior design in it's class. It will blow your mind with a 230hp upgrade ie, Chip,exaust,intake, port plsh, valuve job, turbo,lowered, 18" wheels Cons: Changing the Cluch is a pain the first time due to the size of the large 5cyl . Very expensive if you like to upgrade. Not many exterior options. most upgrades must be hand made, but well worth it. Overall: The Vigor would have seen more track time as the Toyota Camry is today if it were still in production, except it would have been a major contender. I have been in search of my next vehical and have test driven a wide...


..."a good car.......mine is a gets me around town and to far distinces with out trouble.........vary relibal......the 4-v gets great gas mpg!!!"...

3.1 power baby
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...Pros: I run this car hard and it drives like a dream.
The 3.1 L engine has awesome pickup it leaves my moms camry xle in the dust and most japanese cars along with it.
Cons: No cup holders suck, brakes suck, had to get tranny replaced at 92,000,
exhaust system also had to be replaced Overall: my mom had a 95 lumina but she was in accident so i put her 15 inch tires on it and it looks great, few performance parts help too.
This is a great first car and it will burn just about every rice burner on the starting line...

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...Pros: Toyota quality. Cons: It is a Camry. Overall: It's Camry.
You can probably buy Lexus symbols to replace the Toyota symbols on the after market if they are that important to you. Save yourself 10k and do that...

A powerful, comfortable car, but not Chevy's best effort...
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...(This may just be from the previous owner's pushing the engine a little too hard.) Comfortable, spacious interior. Good standard radio and A/C. Cons: Make sure you drive it every day, it doesn't like to sit up. Suspension system doesn't take bumps as well as it should at higher speeds. Steering is a little weak - sometimes feels like the car has a mind of its own, and turning isn't as near as tight as other sedans of the same class. The paint job is absolutely awful - the clearcoat formula is obviously deficient, a fact that GM refuses to admit. Overall: A good family car, but you can do...

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